70 Chapter 70 Mysterious Smile


Fighting Square

"Stop them!!"

Hearing the shout, Sarutobi, who was still in a daze from what had just happened under his nose, yelled to the Anbu, who swiftly surrounded and encircled the three middle-aged men.

Even though he was outraged about what had happened, Sarutobi knew he couldn't let them attack Aokiji since it would provide Mist with the perfect reason.

"Please calm down."

The Anbu leader spoke to the fat middle-aged man, attempting to calm him down, knowing that if he didn't, he would most likely go down and kill Aokiji.

"How is that possible?" He... killed... my son. "

Nothing could be more terrifying for a father than losing his son right in front of his eyes, so the chubby man looked at Anbu with anger and helplessness in his eyes

"Please... these are the rules... there is nothing we can do..."

The Anbu leader felt sorry for the fat man in front of him, but he knew he had to perform his job since Konoha had created such rules and they had to follow them now.

"The match___"

"They didn't give up, Proctor. You can't stop the match!"

When Kagami saw the situation, he tried to stop the match, but Aokiji interrupted him.

"Just end the match, Kagami!"

Hearing his comments, Kagami was a little reluctant before Sarutobi yelled, anxiously gazing at him as he couldn't afford any more Konoha Geniuses dying.

"Is this the fair exam that Lord Hokage mentioned? Mizukage-Sama would be delighted to learn about Konoha's hospitality! "

Aokiji spoke, staring at Sarutobi, just as Kagami was going to speak again, his loud voice echoing over the area.

What if he was the one dying now and Asahi had requested to stop the match! Would Sarutobi have called to stop to the match? Aokiji doesn't even have to consider this question twice.


Hearing his words, some fury appeared on Sarutobi's face, but he was silent since he didn't know how to respond, so he could only look at him with his eyes wide with rage.

"He... He..."

When he saw Sarutobi speechless, Danzo, who was sitting opposite him, snickered quietly, happy for his misfortune.

"Both of you hurry up and give up the match!"

Though speechless, Sarutobi realized he had to do something since he couldn't watch all of the talented Konoha younger generation die right before him.

So, disregarding the strange looks of the crowd, which had never seen him so agitated before, Sarutobi yelled at Tsunade and Sakumo, telling them to quit.

Now he hated even hosting the Chunin Exam, if he knew Konoha would suffer this much, he would never do such a stupid thing.


Just as the entire crowd was looking at Tsunade, who was on her knees with her head down, holding her shattered left hand,

They heard a crisp crackling sound and saw Tsunade yank her left hand, reconnecting the bone and getting up with wobbly steps.

"Sorry... Sensei!, but this is the only match I can't give up!

Tsunade raised her head and spoke to Sarutobi in a resolute tone, wearing a wide smile on her slightly pale face.

"This girl..."

Aokiji was taken aback by the determined look in her eyes, as he had not expected her to stand before him again.

What he had just done should have horrified her and shattered her will, but she faced him calmly.

Even if she were to grow up and become a future Sannin, she is just nine years old right now. Where did this determination to fight come from?



Sakumo beside her chuckled hearing her words as he jerked his broken wrist and picked up the blade from the ground, stood up and gazing at Aokiji.

"These two idiots!"

Seeing them getting up, Sarutobi yelled violently in his heart, since what they were doing was just idiotic. Can't they see the difference in strength?

"Why stand up when you know you are doomed to die?"

Aokiji wanted to know the answer before killing Tsunade. Was it the Fire's Will? No... the Will of Sarutobi that drove her to fight.


"It must be unbearable, right? "To live in a place where you can't even call someone a friend?"

"You said I'd lose everyone I care about..., but the truth is you crave for such people as well and envy me."

Hearing his question, Tsunade raised her face and, staring directly into his eyes, questioned back, a little pity in her gaze.

She blamed his heinous killing on the atmosphere in which he grew up, and she even felt sorry for children who were born in such a village.


"I... did live in such a place for a while... but you are mistaken in one thing, I don't need to feel envious of you... I have many comrades who I can trust now"

"And, for those people, I'll kill anyone who threatens them... and... you're the next."

Hearing her question, Aokiji was silent for a moment, before he went forward a bit and spoke, and once arriving at a little distance from her, he put on a fighting stance.


"I... see... then... its... all... right to do...that "

Hearing his words, Tsunade let out a mysterious laugh, like deciding about something and her pity for Aokiji vanished as she placed her left hand in the Ninja Holster strapped to her left thigh.


Sakumo raised his blade as intense yellow lighting appeared all around him, preparing for the final attack.

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