69 Chapter 69 Killing


Square of Combat

"They've laid siege to him."

"That kid is really unlucky!"

The crowd felt sorry for Aokiji, who was being attacked by the other five and knew it was just a matter of time before he perished.

"However, this explains his strength, head on... no one is his opponent."

Everyone who had been laughing at Aokiji's misfortune had quieted down because they couldn't refute it.

They are proud of Konoha since they are the best in the world, yet they are now so weak that they have to start a siege to defeat someone from the other village.

"Mind Transfer Jutsu!"


Aokiji scowled in mid-air as he felt a force acting on his mind and his body stiffening.

"This is your chance!"

Satomi yelled as he noticed Aokiji stiffening in the air and Sakumo and Tsunade arrived just under Aokiji, who was plummeting down owing to gravity, .

"Lighting Blade! Focal Destruction!! "

Sakumo yelled as the yellow lightning accumulated at the tip of his sword as he propelled it skyward.


Tsunade wasn't idle either, as she clenched her right palm and sprang up, appearing above Aokiji, who was only a few feet away from the ground.

Above was Tsunade, whose fist was moving downward, and below was Sakumo, whose blade was moving upward, as Aokiji, who was immobile in the middle, suddenly woke up, and Itsuki, who was lying far away, awoke, spurting blood. His face pale.


Tsunade's face was filled with surprise as she couldn't believe Aokiji was able to break free from the Mind Transfer Jutsu that quickly.

But she didn't have much time to think since Aokiji was staring her directly in the eyes, and a dreadful feeling rose in her heart as she wanted to take her right fist back.


Aokiji, in the midst, turned as his left hand gripped Tsunade's fist and his right hand grasped Sakumo's wrist, bypassing his blade.



Aokiji didn't give both of them the time to think of a countermeasure as he rolled his hands upward and yanked as both Tsunade and Sakumo roared in pain, wrists broken.

"Human Boulder Jutsu!!"

But, at that very time, Aokiji heard movement from behind him and saw a massive rolling ball approaching him.


*Tetsu no ken "Iron Fist"*

Aokiji swiftly released Tsunade and Sakumo, transforming into an afterimage and appearing precisely in front of the moving ball.



As the sound of impact spread all around him, Aokiji's right fist, which had veins all over it, fell on the large ball, followed by a high-pitched scream.


Aokiji retracted his right hand, which was covered in blood and gore, and a figure with a massive hole in his chest slid down, his eyes white.


Someone in the audience spoke tremblingly as they gazed at the chubby boy with a huge hole in his chest and blood all over the ground.


Tsunade and Sakumo sat on the ground, their faces pale, gripping their broken hands, as the scene before them made them forget the pain.

"One down!"

Aokiji maintained his calm demeanor as he delicately flicked his right palm, removing the blood from it, and stared at Itsuki, who lay pale on the ground.


"No... I... qui___"



When Itsuki, who was lying on the ground, saw Aokiji peering at him, he nearly peed from fear as he hurriedly shouted, trying to quit, but he didn't even get the chance to finish his word before a shadow flashed and a finger went through his throat.

Even after death, Itsuki's blood roared from the wound in his neck, and his face retained a scared expression.

"Exploding Ice Needless!!"

This...exam...what a drag!!!




Aokiji turned away from Itsuki and looked at Satomi, who didn't move an inch from his spot and shouted, looking up at the blue sky above with a helpless expression on his face.

Then, numerous ice needles engulfed Satomi, drilling everywhere in his body before exploding, scattering frozen shattered pieces of Satomi everywhere.


Someone in the audience couldn't help but puke, scared by what was going on below.

They had witnessed death before, but three abrupt and terrible deaths caught them off unprepared.

"I'm going to kill that kid!"

A terrible howl erupted in the square at this point, as everyone noticed an obese, middle-aged person that resembled Jiro from earlier, staring at Aokiji with bloodshot eyes.

Behind him were two more middle-aged men, both of whom were filled with rage.

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