39 Chapter 39 Outside the Tower


Death Forest.

"Captain, I can walk now"

The scorching sun above couldn't light up the forest, as walking through the dark surroundings were three figures.

Aokiji, with Mei on his back, moved forward constantly towards the tower with Ichiro walking right beside him.

Mei piggybacking Aokiji said to him with the usual poker face, but her tone was a lot softer than usual.

"Yes, Captain, you didn't sleep at all in the last few nights; let me carry her now"

Ichiro beside him offered help, and his tone also had concern hidden in it.

"Am I dreaming?"

Said Aokiji after hearing their soft tone and stopped in his tracks, with a confused expression on his face.

He could swear he sensed the concern for him from their tones, which was hard to believe.

Aokiji remembered a year ago on a mission, their task was to investigate an island, but due to Ichiro making a blunder, they were exposed.

Nearly 20 to 30 Genin ganged upon them, and he had to go all out to deal with them.

After the fight, he was exhausted and could hardly move; even then, they didn't ask him whether he was fine.

So, suddenly changing made Aokiji think he was in a parallel Ninja World.

"Captain, are you listening? let me carry her; you must be tired"

At this moment, the voice of Ichiro woke Aokiji from his thoughts as Aokiji looked at him to confirm whether he was really the Ichiro he knew.

But sensing the familiar aura extinguished the doubt of Aokiji as he handed Mei to Ichiro.

"Ichiro, what's wrong with the Captain?"

On the back of Ichiro, Mei saw Aokiji looking at them from time to time with weird eyes, so she asked Ichiro with a curious look on her face.

"Who knows, Captain has always been weird."

"Yeah, this time, I agree with you."

Ichiro replied after thinking for a while as Mei moved her head up and down, agreeing with him.

Aokiji suddenly had speeded up, so he didn't know what they were talking about; otherwise, he would have sprouted a mouthful of blood like a CN Villain.

"We are about 700 meters away from the tower, be careful now"

Soon, with the help of Aokiji's Observation Haki, without encountering any enemies, they arrived at a bit of distance away from the tower.

Aokiji stood on a branch of a tree as he could see the tower from here.

But Aokiji knew things would change here as he could sense other teams reaching this area.

Today is the third day of the Chunin Exam, so everyone should be on their way towards the tower.

5 days was the limit but without chakra it was bound to not to go till the last day.

And only the first 8 teams are allowed to pass, so those who survived from wild animals might already be on their way and chances of a fight breaking out are too high.

"Watch your steps!!"

Walking towards the tower, Aokiji hurriedly reminded Ichiro with Mei on his back, who stopped his foot in the air.

A thin wire nearly invisible to the naked eye was underneath it, explaining that a trap was set here.

"It seems someone has reached the tower already; hurry up, or it would be a shame if we are disqualified"

Clearly, someone has gone through this route and placed a trap here to stop others.

Aokiji and Ichiro picked up their pace and ran towards the tower, but the eyebrows of Aokiji furrowed as he could some sense other auras approaching the tower.

"Here we are!"

"Thank God, we finally reached it"

Finally, Aokiji and his team walked out of the forest arriving at the clear field before the tower.

But nine other figures from Rain Village also leaped out from the forest as they rejoiced after seeing the tower.

Outside the main entrance door of the tower, Inari was already present as, seeing four teams arriving, he walked forward.

"It seems you four are the last one, but 7 squads have already entered the tower, so only 1 team can enter"

Gaining their attention, Inari quickly explained the current situation as the expression on everyone's face changed.



Immediately, the other three squads ran towards the tower but suddenly, hearing the whizzing sound, they stopped as a Kunai drilled on the ground before them.

"Isn't he?"

"Yeah!!, it's that Yuki Clan bastard from the first exam"

They immediately looked towards the attack source and saw Aokiji standing with a Kunai in his hands and recognized him immediately.

"You two stay here; I'll deal with them"

Aokiji looked towards Ichiro and Mei on his back, and after assuring them, he quickly arrived before the three angry squads.


Mei and Ichiro nodded as they knew with his strength, even without chakra, dealing with these three squads should be easy for Aokiji.

"What should we do now?"

"He seemed pretty strong"

Seeing Aokiji standing before them blocking their way, they all looked at each other since they remembered his overwhelming strength in the first exam.

"What's with the worry? Everyone's chakra is sealed; let's kill him first and then decide about the last spot"

"You are going to pay for what you did in the first exam kid"

"And worry not, your companions will join you soon"

The Ninja wearing the Rain Village headband suggested launching a siege on Aokiji as cruel smiles appeared on their face.

One of them took out a Kunai, licking it with his tongue, and said to Aokiji.

"You... just lost your chance to surrender"

"I was not planning on taking any lives, but... Oh Well"

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Aokiji shrugged his shoulders as, after hearing their words, he changed his mind, he hates unnecessary killing, but he doesn't have a hero complex either.

He knows that the death of guys like these will only benefit the world.

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