109 Chapter 109 Kagami's Plea

Land of Wind.

Under the blazing hot sun, there was a bizarre silence everywhere, even the wind seemed to have stopped blowing, huge still sand dunes everywhere.



A body fell beside Kagami who trembling raised his head, blood running down from both of his swirl patterned eyes, his face purple from exhaustion.

His breathing was shallow and the world around him darkened from time to time, as he was barely holding on, not far from dying.


"As expected from the number one village Konoha, how are you feeling now Proctor-San?"

But at this moment, with the sounds of footsteps, a voice full of pity fell in the ears of Kagami, as he turned his head with difficulty looking at its direction.


"I don't feel anything now…like everything I lived for was a big lie…you can't imagine the hell I am in!"

Kagami recognized the familiar voice, a helpless smile appearing on his face as he spoke, his eyes meeting the silver haired figure who stood before looking down on him.


Aokiji's eyes met Kagami's, but a shocked look appeared on his face seeing the swirl patterned red eyes, as he understood immediately what they were.

"Ha…so you knew about Mangekyo, well it isn't surprising, the whole world once did fear Madara, his eyes can't be forgotten easily!"

Hearing Aokiji mentioning Mangekyo, Kagami was only slightly surprised but he didn't care much as the whole world has seen the might of Madara, some records of Mangekyo in Mist Village, shouldn't be that surprising.



"Don't fret, I can't move an inch now…I'm at the end of my road, my vitality is draining rapidly, nothing can save me from dying"

Aokiji hurriedly moved back from Kagami keeping a certain distance from him as he knew Mangekyo had all sorts of strange abilities.

He didn't want to take a risk but Kagami laughed at his behavior, and assured him, a self-mocking smile still plastered on his face.

"He's not lying."

Aokiji focused his Observation Haki on Kagami, and indeed his life aura was decreasing at an astonishing rate, nothing can save him from his death.

"Cough…I have no right to ask you for a favor, after.... what I did just now…but you are from the same clan's as Asahi's, I can only plead.... putting away all my pride.... as a Shinobi"

Suddenly, Kagami coughed blood again but the amount was too low, proving he was going to bleed to death, not much left in his body anymore.

So, remembering something, a desperate look appeared on the face of Kagami, as he spoke, his voice full of urgency.

"What do you want?, I can't guarantee I will help you though!"

Aokiji was shocked, seeing him pleading, as he knew how prideful true Shinobi were, they would rather die, than beg, but Kagami did, shocking him completely.

But he didn't forget he was a Ninja of Mist Village, what happened with Kagami was indeed pitiful, but that's all, if he asked something against the interest of his village, then he won't agree.

"Please…kill me with you own hands, I don't want to die of wounds that I received from my own comrades…and after killing me…deliver my corpse back to the village…"

"I have a daughter…I want her to feel proud that I died on the battlefield…I ask nothing more…please..."


Said Kagami tears of blood running down his eyes, as he banged his head on the sand, kneeling while pleading to Aokiji.

He wanted his daughter to be proud of his father…though he was indeed betrayed by Danzo…but he still had a shred of hope in his heart, maybe it was only Danzo behind all of this, others had nothing to do with it.


Seeing the kneeling Kagami, Aokiji couldn't help but sigh again, knowing how much Kagami had to throw away to beg to him.

Even as an enemy, he couldn't help but admire Kagami who despite being betrayed still had some hope left in his village.


Shaking his head, Aokiji walked towards Kagami and arriving before him, he squatted down beside the kneeling Kagami.

"Proctor-San, this headband obliges me to kill anyone who threatens the safety of my village, but two years ago I failed in doing so, even if I had the chance"

"Today, I'll fulfil my duty, but before dying you can rest assured about one thing… your child… she won't be as naïve as you"



Saying that Aokiji picked up a kunai from the ground, and slashed lightly at the wrists of Kagami, cutting his nerves, giving him a gentle death.


*Asahi…I really had some fate with your clan….*


The remaining blood of Kagami poured out from his wrist, and an assured smile appeared on his face, as he thanked him, and after giving the blue sky above a long look, he fell down, dead.


Seeing Kagami not moving anymore, Aokiji sighed again, after which he stood up and looked around, his focus shifting on the heads lying around.

"As expected it was indeed Danzo!"

Aokiji focused on the masks as he knew the masks of Anbu and Root had slight difference, and as expected by him, it was the Root Shinobi who back stabbed Kagami.

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