1 Chapter 1

Naruto Uzumaki, Seventh Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato, the strongest ninja in the Elemental Nations was the last to die during the all-out war against the Otsusuki. Naruto watched, as his own son Boruto was slain in front of him.

In a last desperate attempt to end the war, and with Kurama extracted from his seal, Naruto fought against the entire army of the Otsusuki by activating the gate of death. The last Otsusuki warrior, the Shogun, was slain by the enraged and dying Naruto as he cried tears of blood for the loss of his family and friends. His body turned to ashes and drifted away in the wind. His last thoughts were of all the time he spent with his son and daughter, and his wife Hinata. He had avenged them and was now going to meet them, his parents, ero-sennin, Ba-chan, Sandaime and the rest of his friends in the afterlife.


Prince Edwyn of house Baratheon was born with black hair and eyes as red as blood, within a year after the fall of Targaryen dynasty. Being the firstborn son of the king, he was the crown prince of the seven kingdoms, or could have been if not for the utter hatred his father showed towards him for his Targaryen features mixing with Baratheon eyes, making him look like a devil spawn in the eyes of his parents.

In another world, in another life, he was scorned for something he had no control of. Thrust upon a duty to protect the people of his village by his own father, Naruto was hated for much of his early life for being a jinchuriki. It was somewhat understandable. The common people had little knowledge of sealing and so were scared that the Kyuubi may escape and attack again.

But in this world, in this life, being hated by his own father just for having uniquely coloured eyes, disappointed Edwyn in the so-called king of the seven kingdoms. Even his mother hated him, for reasons he was unaware of. He knew there was no love between his parents, but, his mother doted upon her other devil of a son, Joffrey, even when she hated her firstborn.

Edwyn was denied the right to spend his afterlife with his family. Angry at whatever gods dumped him in this wretched world called Planetos, he found asylum in the training grounds where he spent most the time of his day while spending his evenings in the library.

Even though he had very little chakra as compared to his previous life, he could enhance his muscles like Rock Lee to make a difference. Due to his experience with weapons in his past life, from a tender age of eight, Edwyn grew up to be feared of by his opponents in spars. He was so fast with his blade that all his opponents could see was a flash and then, defeat.

By the age of eleven, Edwyn could best multiple knights of the kingsguard at once, including Ser Barristan Selmy, who was revered as a legend among knights. His uncle, Jamie Lannister, had been defeated by him countless times before that.

Fearing the growing strength of her firstborn son, Cersei Baratheon arranged for Edwyn to be sold to the slavers of Astapor, all for the plot to fail as his captors were slaughtered by an enraged eleven-year-old with just a weird looking knife. No attempts were made after that as no slaver wanted to lose his men just to capture a boy, even if the reward being offered could make them rich as a minor lord.

The king mostly ignored him and made him fight in every tourney after he turned twelve, wishing for him to fall with the next swing of his opponent's blade. The seven kingdoms knew little to nothing about his appearance and the spectators had laughed when he first entered the melee tournament. But at the end of it, they saw a magnificent and terrifying sight. They saw a twelve-year-old warrior bathed in the blood of his opponents, standing victorious among the mangled corpses of those who fought against him.

In every tournament that followed, Edwyn unleashed his wrath upon his opponents, knowing his parents wanted him dead and would even reward his killer handsomely.

He would outlive his parents, his siblings and everyone else who resented him, just to spite them. He could have ended his life whenever he wanted, but that was a coward's way out. No, he would persevere. And when he died, and if there was an afterlife, he would bring hell upon the gods who dumped him in Planetos.

He hated being in this world. He hated his parents, the king was a cruel oaf and Edwyn wanted to wring his throat every time he saw the brute. A man so full of hatred, it made Sasuke look like a monk. His mother was a little more than a whore who would spread her legs for anyone who could benefit her. She was an incestuous bitch who fucked her own brothers and gave birth to his younger half-siblings. At least Edwyn was a true born, even if he wasn't treated like one. Joffrey was a budding monster who's madness was beginning to show.

Perhaps it was his other two siblings. They didn't share the madness of their mother and elder brother and were just like normal, innocent kids. He truly loved them and wanted them to be safe. Countless times he had prevented Joffrey from harming them, only to be scorned by his mother and beaten by his father.

Edwyn was brought out of his musings when he saw the castle of Winterfell at the horizon.

Entering Winterfell, Edwyn silently followed the envoy as he observed the people of Winterfell who looked at the envoy with awe. He couldn't help but sigh. He was tired of all the riding and wanted nothing but rest. Jon Arryn's death didn't particularly affect him. The man rarely ever looked at Edwyn, much less have a conversation. He never tried to stop the king from acting cruelly against his own son. He might have been a good man, but for Edwyn, he was just another person.

As the royal envoy stopped in front of the Starks, Edwyn made his way to the front. No matter what, he was still a prince and he was expected to keep appearances. The king dismounted and greeted his childhood friend and his family.

He heard a little girl who was now identified as Arya Stark mention about the imp, his other uncle, Tyrion Lannister. His head whipped towards her with an incredulous expression on his face. The girl was naive as she clearly didn't understand who she had just insulted. The Queen looked uncomfortable at her brother's mention and asked to be escorted away. Edwyn dismounted his horse and stood beside his youngest sibling Tommen while they were approached by the Stark kids.

Taking the lead, Robb Stark asked, "Prince Edwyn, Prince Joffrey and Prince Tommen, please, allow us to escort you inside the castle."

Edwyn nodded his head and wordlessly followed the young Stark.

At nightfall, as everyone enjoyed the feast, Edwyn ate his food silently, sitting next to his brother Joffrey as the little shit whispered sweet things and tales of his false bravery into the stupid Stark girl's ear. What was her name? Edwyn didn't bother. The girl was spoilt and nothing beyond a tragic incident in her life would ever help her get over her pathetic delusions of romance and love.

He was getting really annoyed with his oafhead father laughing and drinking and eating like a pig. Though it got a little better when the other Stark girl flung some food at her sister and ruined her dress. As the eldest of the kids, Robb Stark dragged his little sister away, Edwyn took this opportunity and excused himself from the feast. He arrived outside and saw his uncle Tyrion having a jab at the Stark bastard. Once Tyrion was out of sight, he approached the bastard who had resumed swinging at the dummy and asked, "What's your name?"

The bastard spun around to face him and replied, more like growled, "Jon Snow, Prince Edwyn."

Amused by this, Edwyn smirked and went over to pick up a training sword for himself as he ignored the snarling wolf crouching beside Jon.

"Spar with me Snow."

"I'm no match for your skill my prince," Jon replied. He had heard tales of the prince who fought like a man possessed in tourneys. Even though Theon dissed such tales as being overly exaggerated, Jon knew not to take them lightly.

"Humor me, Snow. I do not like feasts as the boisterous behaviour of the crowd is not to my liking. It's just a spar. And if you defeat me you'll get something to boast about."

With that, he took his stance and waited for Snow to make his move. They stood like that for a few moments until Edwyn noticed a twitch in Jon's shoulder and ran forward to attack.

Jon was quickly overwhelmed by a whirlwind of slashes, every strike meant to incapacitate him. It didn't even take him a moment to realise how outmatched he was. Edwyn was a monster.

With a powerful strike, Jon was flung into the air and landed on his back a few feet away. He looked up at Edwyn, fear evident in his eyes as Edwyn placed the tip of his training sword at Jon's throat.

"It's my win, Snow."

Still lying on his back, Jon asked, "H-how are you so fast and strong?!"

Edwyn smirked and replied, "That's my secret, Snow. But if you really want to be strong you need to train harder."

"But I do train hard."

Edwyn moved away as Jon helped himself up.

They once again took a stance as Edwyn said, "Hacking at a dummy won't do you good. You need to fight actual men who know how to wield a sword. Come at me again, this time I'll just defend."

Jon was sceptical. He asked, "Why are you helping me?"

Edwyn shrugged, "I'm bored. Honestly, I don't feel challenged enough. Maybe you'll grow into a fighter who can make me break a sweat."

Edwyn parried Jon's every attack and didn't even move from his place. After an hour of struggle, Jon fell on his butt and stared up at Edwyn in absolute shock and awe.

"Hmm, you're alright. But not good enough. There are many out there who can best you. What do you plan to do in the future? Become a knight?"

Jon looked down and replied softly, "I'm a bastard. I'll never amount to something great. So, I want to join the Night's Watch and make a name of myself."

Edwyn shook his head in disappointment, "The Night's Watch used to be an order of brave men who protected the realm from threats beyond the wall. Now, it's a place where all the scum of Westeros is dumped. Do not be delusional. Do you really want to call rapists and murderers as your brothers?"

Jon thought for a moment and replied with confidence, "I have already made my choice, Prince Edwyn. I will join the Watch."

Edwyn sighed, "You could have been a great opponent in the future. Alright, do whatever you want. Don't say I didn't warn you when you see for yourself the state of the Night's Watch. There's nothing honourable in throwing your life away for something that has little significance left to it."

After saying what he wanted to say, Edwyn walked away from a limpidly standing Jon who was trying to stay standing. Even if he was facing just a training sword Jon's body was so hurt he had to drag himself all the way to his room.

The rest of the stay at Winterfell was uneventful... until Lord Stark's son, Brandon Stark, fell from a tower while he was climbing its walls at night. It was said the boy had never missed his step while climbing. It was a wonder why he fell from the tower.

Edwyn did his princely duty of visiting the unconscious boy and say his condolences to the Starks. Although, the not so subtle talk his mother had with her brothers made him question the reason for Bran's fall.

Another uninteresting event happened which was utterly foolish in Edwyn's opinion. The naive Stark girl was betrothed to his mad half brother Joffrey, the 'Crown Prince' of Seven Kingdoms. Poor Starks, one Stark would suffer under his father's rule while the other will suffer Joffrey's madness.

The king's envoy left Winterfell with Lord Stark, his two daughters and a few of his guards in tow. Jon Snow had somehow convinced his father to let him join Night's Watch and left with Tyrion who wanted to, 'Piss off the edge of the Seven Kingdoms'. The half-man never failed to amuse Edwyn. He was perhaps the only Lannister who was always spared from Edwyn's wrath in his dreams.

For years, Edwyn had been trying to increase his chakra reserves, just enough to produce one shadow clone and spar with it. His fights during tournaments had ceased to be enough for him to vent his anger. As he was now, Edwyn could plough through the entire city guard of King's Landing without much effort. His chakra reserves were good enough for him to perform the basic academy jutsu, but anything complicated was beyond him.

That's how fuinjutsu became his most valuable application of chakra. Creating sealing scrolls was easy enough, so was carving seals on training weapons to make them heavier. If he ever wanted to, Edwyn could slap a man's head off his shoulder and send it flying all across King's Landing.

Another benefit of low chakra was his perfect control over it. And with perfect control, came iryo ninjutsu, or in the language of Westeros, healing techniques. Naruto was efficient enough in healing wounds deep enough to spill someone's guts out.

Even though no one else had chakra, there seemed to be some form of energy in them, magic was what they called it, that allowed Edwyn to use medical jutsu on them. Very few were capable of wielding it, but it was there in all.

As the envoy made its way back to King's Landing, Edwyn was sure of one thing. Something eventful was bound to happen in the near future. Every time the Starks travelled south, major events had happened soon after. But Edwyn would be ready for whatever the world threw at him, that he was sure of.

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