2 CHAPTER 2 : Who are you?

Naruto heard the sound of the alarm and opened his eyes. The alarm stopped. He had a good night's sleep. He never felt this refreshed before. When he turned to see the clock it was only 7.30 am.

Usually waking up at 8.30 am, except for any prank activities, naruto formed a general schedule in his mind. So when he saw the time was only 7.30 am even though he was wide awake he wanted to laze on the bed until it was 8.30.

That was when he heard a voice. A monotone voice. No gender and no emotion.

[Good morning, Sir]

The intonation in which the voice spoke scared him and made him jump out of his bed. He went into a fighting stance by instinct.

"Who's there" he shouted at nobody.

As he said that the AI started scanning the room.

From naruto's point of view, he was seeing everything in yellow color, girds and lines forming themselves and running all over his view.



He had heard about the fabled genjutsu. Technique to form illusions and all. He also heard that saying kai over and over will release you from genjutsu. So that was why he was shouting KAI at top of his lungs.

[No individuals in the visible surrounding other than user]

Again he heard the same voice. Well not through his ears, he heard the voice directly in his head. He could feel the difference now clearly.

"Who are you?", naruto was still vigilant, people had harmed him through genjutsu many times. He experienced it several times when he walked through the market. But they never tried anything like this at his home. Maybe they are starting to do from now.

A transparent white screen with words appeared in front of his eyes. He heard the displayed words in his head.

[Sorry for the misunderstanding sir. I am Bio-Nanite Number: 001, an AI nanite that helps the user in day to day activities]

The words and the display panel disappeared.

"Wha…..what are you talking about?"

Different words appeared o the screen.

[Sending basic and information manual to the user regarding, how to use a Bio-nanite. Yes/No]


Information flowed into his mind. On what a nanite is. Nanotechnology. Bio-nanite. Artificial Intelligence. Uses. How to handle such nanite…etc.

The information came at short intervals so that his mind could adapt and take in the information faster. More and more information flowed in as naruto's already shocked mind was bombarded even more.

Naruto almost fainted at the enormous amount of information deposited in his mind. It took almost half an hour to complete the process. Even if he can't understand what was taught in the class or the books he read, he was able to understand everything that was sent to his brain by this nanite. Word by word.


And for a moment he didn't like someone being inside his body. But as the information from nanite settled in, he could understand that this nanite is just an aid. Teacher or helper whatever the user wants it to be.

Naruto has been all alone since he was born. Suddenly there seems to be a…..friend, who is going to be with him for the rest of his life. The situation greatly improved his mood.

Then his eyes brightened.

"Can you help me to become Hokage?", he asked hopefully.

Well, naruto has been indoctrinated from a small age, from the time he began to talk. So that was the first thought that came to his mind after acquiring a helper.

[Beep. Necessary information to become a Hokage is not found in the user's memory. It is recommended user provide necessary details so that I can formulate the answer]

[Beep Task Established

Task : Help user to become a Hokage.

Information : 0.2%

Progress : 0%]

Even though he was downtrodden, the nanite did not outright reject the idea of him becoming Hokage or laugh at him like others. It only asked for more information.

"Then can you teach me awesome jutsu that can make me super strong"

[I don't have any Jutsu users. If the user requires a new task can be created to research in creating jutsus]

"Uhh….my name is not 'the user'. You can call me naruto, you know. What is your name by the way?"

[Beep Designation changed USER-NARUTO]

[Answering your question Naruto, I am Bio-nanite Number : 001]

"uh…that is too long. Can you change it? I can't call you bio-nanite number : 001 every time. And can't you speak normally, I don't know…..your voice is not very nice"

[Naruto can decide my name or I can bring up a suggestion page with various names. To communicate with me you don't need to speak aloud. Just speak in your mind, think about what you need. I can read your thoughts]

Naruto heard a sweet female voice in his head this time. The AI had searched its database for optimal voice and decided it was a female voice. Since female voices were for the most part always pleasant for anyone to hear. But the voice was still emotionless.

Naruto thought of it as an improvement. He contemplated for some time and decided the name to be nano.

[Beep Designation changed BIO-NANITE NUMBER : 001 - NANO]

Naruto's jubilation was stopped by nano. It displayed some words before his eyes.

[Time 0800

Nanites present : 70% above optimal level but below the necessary level

Biomass required for nanite production. Naruto must eat more food for further production]

"Ohh okay"


That morning was a joy for naruto. He proceeded to have 10 cup-ramen to satisfy his and nano's appetite. And now he was the first to enter the class before anyone.

Naruto also decided not to speak about nano to anyone else. At present only nano is ready to help him. If others knew about nano, they might remove or steal it from him. At present, he was reading his academy book.

When he asked how to get information for nano, it replied 'by reading the books'. At first, he wanted to completely skip anything regarding reading, because he was not very good at it. But nano convinced him that he did not have to read the books just flip the book page by page and nano will do the reading. He was skeptical about that, but he did so in the end. He read a book that was on the dining table in his house.

Well, reading is a stretch, nano just asked him to turn the pages on by one while it recorded its contents and gathered the information. Naruto just did what it asked him to do. His goal is to become Hokage, so he has to endure some bitterness.

"Did you read everything?" naruto asked as he finished the book.

[Konoha history - Part-I, scanning and compiling successfully. Send the contents of the book to your brain. Yes/No]


And the feeling during the information dump about nano's manual came again. His head felt like a lot of needles pricking into his brain while the information and the content of the book were completely in his mind. He felt slightly dizzy and held onto the chair not so he would not fall.

[Transfer complete. You will get used to the dizziness as you consume more books regularly]

And as nano said, he felt alright within a minute or two.

Now he could remember the contents of the book clearly.

He also checked the information bar constantly for any increase. The information progress bar showed 0.3%.

Naruto came to know about simple mathematics from the information dump nano dropped in his brain or else he would have thought there was no improvement for his effort.

The week went on as usual with naruto trying to read…..observe any book that was lying around, at least a dozen books per day, any more than that naruto could not sit still. And nano was okay with that.

Even his evening schedule too changed from practicing to roaming around the village with nano scanning and recording everything they come across.

When naruto's entry to the academy library was barred, with nano's suggestion naruto used the Transformation technique (Henge no Jutsu) to enter.

Also, nano evaluated his Transformation technique is at 80% perfection after it read about the technique in a book. And for the rest 10%, he must work on stealth, hiding his chakra. He didn't know what stealth and hiding chakra meant, but 80 is a bigger value, so that was okay for him.

When the stipend money from Hokage came, naruto had asked nano to use the money for his goal. Of course, he had taken some for his ramen purposes. Can't be stingy in important matters right.

Now naruto is sitting in the classroom reading a book he had taken from the library the previous day. This morning nano had informed him that the information bar had reached 20% (information only on Hokage and some history, not complete ninja system) so they can begin training to progress towards their goal. He was over-enthusiastic from the morning. That was exactly what he was doing now. Flipping books.

Nano too was not ideal this whole week. Other than recording information from the book, it also observed the fights between instructors and students in the academy training ground. It has been organizing a proper fighting technique. Even though it may be simple, it was better than anything naruto knows.

As naruto started receiving the information from nano, his comprehensive capability too started to rise. By the end of the week he was eager to read….observe more books.

Nano had taken over to formulate all the words if he had to have a conversation with anyone.

After it had accumulated some information from the books, from the lessons, and from his memories, it had come to a conclusion. Deception and Information are necessary traits for a ninja. The rest are secondary. And also the books in the academy are only for indoctrination of children into the village system, to make them loyal to hidden leaf. Hence nano omitted and did not dump the unwanted information from accumulating and hindering naruto's mind.

So except for flipping books, there was not much change in his behavior. The academy went on as usual with the instructors focusing on lessons and naruto doing everything wrong.


Hinata was the first to enter the classroom. Or she thought she was the first, but there was already someone sitting inside the classroom. It was naruto. It looked like he was so engrossed in reading. She had noticed that naruto had changed over the week. As she had observed him most of the time…well stalking. She had seen him walking into the library under transformation jutsu sometimes. She wanted to speak to naruto but she was too shy to go up to him. It has been like this for the whole week.

Students started to come one by one after Hinata.

Shikamaru entered the classroom with choji and saw naruto already there.

"Naruto is already here" choji pointed at naruto and gave his hand to Shikamaru.

Shikamaru clicked his tongue and gave choji 50 Ryo, his weekly pocket money. He made a bet with choji that naruto would not be continuing this routine for more than one week. Unfortunately, it is from today he would break his routine.

Shikamaru thought about the changes in naruto for a while. Naruto usually arrived ten minutes late to the class, shouting all the way from the academy gates to the classroom and pretending to be sorry for being late. Except for this whole week.

Shikamaru truly believed that naruto is in a hyper mode that will go off in a day or two, maybe a week at best. However that did not happen, it has already been a whole week. Since it was Monday he thought naruto would be back to normal and made the bet with choji. Moreover, Naruto hadn't pestered sakura for the whole week.

Well, naruto wanted to ask sakura to hang out with him. But between being able to become Hokage and asking sakura out on a date, becoming Hokage won over.

Shikamaru took his seat near naruto and looked at the book naruto was …..flipping over. He waited for one week but no more.

'Troublesome' "What are you doing naruto?"

"Huh," Naruto looked to the side to see Shikamaru.

"I am searching for topics related to Hokage" naruto spoke the words that were displayed in front of him and went back to reading the book.

Shikamaru nodded his head. 'That is his usual character'

Shikamaru heard a scoff from sakura who was sitting in the front seat of naruto. "Just because you reading some facts about Hokage doesn't mean you will become Hokage. If it is anyone who will become Hokage it is my Sasuke-kun"

Naruto did not reply, more like nano had asked him to ignore her. He really wanted to say he is going to become Hokage one day but stopped himself from doing it.

Shikamaru turned his head to look for Sasuke. And he found him sitting by the window in the middle row. His father had asked him to observe Sasuke more closely. He came to know about the Uchiha massacre from his father. Most of the village knows about it by now. It is Sasuke's first day in the academy after the massacre.

By now some students knew about the Uchiha clan massacre and that it had something to do with Sasuke's elder brother. Well, all clan members know some information. But nobody wanted to speak about that in the class.

Nano too gathered some news about the massacre through rumors and gossip. Nano was able to manipulate naruto's ears using nanites so that he can hear what was spoken in long distances by eavesdropping, without chakra. It did know there is no Uchiha clan in the village anymore.

[Hey Shikamaru, do you know what happened to the Uchiha clan]

Naruto repeated the words on the display in a hushed voice to Shikamaru.

"Hey Shikamaru, do you know what happened to the Uchiha clan"

Shikamaru contemplated to whether answer the question with truth or lie.

'News about Uchiha will start to circulate sooner or later. Let's go with the truth'

He leaned towards naruto "Uchiha clan was massacred by Itachi Uchiha last week. And Sasuke is the only survivor. He was hospitalized and was only discharged yesterday"

"Ohhh….and Itachi is Sasuke's elder brother," Shikamaru said.

Naruto was astonished. His eyes went wide at the end of the explanation. He knew about the Uchiha clan, the police force. Usually, they are the people who chase him after if any prank goes wrong. And he knew they are strong too. Like super strong. All the ninja roaming in the village and civilians give way for the Uchiha clan. Just like they give way for him.

One incident stood out to him very clearly about the police force in his memory and nano brought up the scene in the display. The display showed a video like it was seeing through his eyes.

It happened when he just started attending the academy. He was in the playground and a girl wanted to play with him. He was over the moon at that time. And they went on to play for hours.

As the parents started to arrive at the end of the day, naruto wanted to go away. He knew what will happen when the parents arrived. But the girl wanted to play some more time. When her request fell on deaf ears she started to cry.

She was a spoilt kid, crying gets her anything. From other's point of view it looked like naruto, the demon, that boy, has done something to the child to make her cry.

Supposedly her father arrived at the same time to see his daughter crying. He ran towards his daughter shouting the whole way.

"Get away from my daughter, you demon"

Naruto was sure he would be getting a good beating that day. Then he saw a ninja appear out of nowhere standing at the edge of the playground.

The girl's father seeing the police force appear did not want to assault the kid. So he took his crying child and walked away.

The people in the playground avoided the ninja as much as they avoided him. That was why he could remember the scene very clearly. They also had red eyes. Like everyone had blood-red eyes. When he saw those eyes, something in him started to boil wanting to come out. He could still feel it clearly. And having nano also made his memory eidetic. He could recall everything to the last detail with nano's help.

If Itachi was able to kill the whole clan of those people, then how strong he must be. Naruto unconsciously gulped to himself.

While naruto was thinking about this, nano was processing the details on its own.

"Alright everyone, settle down, it's time to start the class"


The first training on the list nano prepared was becoming a sensor. Nano wanted to keep naruto's improvement under wraps. For that becoming sensor is a necessary factor. Physical improvement and taijutsu will have to come later.

Nano had observed that they (Naruto) were being tailed every time naruto came to the academy. They were ninjas wearing masks.

Usually, nano would not be able to notice them, if it wasn't for the other party slacking off. Like all time.

And also naruto's room had been checked every day. Since nano has recorded naruto's room up to the last detail, if anything was moved even by a millimeter, then nano will know it immediately. Every day the books naruto placed in his room were moved at least by a few centimeters.

The ninja tailing naruto were ANBU guards appointed by the Hokage. The ANBU division gives this mission to newly joined members as punishment. Since they were just following an academy student, they were not diligent at work. Which also made it easier for nano to notice them quickly. Only veterans take this job if they are in a rest period during missions.

Nano had concluded that naruto may not be a simple orphan if ANBU is following everywhere he goes. So with the FIRST TASK : HOKAGE in mind, nano formulated the training program.

[TASK : Help Naruto in becoming Hokage.

Requirements : Strongest Ninja, Intuitive, learning agility, thinker, strategic, dominance, cunning.

Time period : 20 years. Every Hokage in Konoha history became Hokage before age 30.


Plan completed]

Nano will also have to adapt and improve the plan as it gathers information daily.

For the first step nano focused on making naruto a sensor first. It wanted to be aware of naruto's minders all time. And also wanted Naruto to be aware of them.

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