1 prologue

today was the birthday of a young man named Jack he just recently turned 18 and a veteran weed since he was three years old. he had to look both ways before crossing the Street and he was about halfway through just in front of his house until he heard a sound and looked to his right. and it's truck was about to hit him the world seemed to slow down as all he could think of was.

" damn it why it had to be the embodiment of black air Force energy truck-Kun... Will I'm doom."

as time begin to resume he felt his entire body go numb as the truck hit him. sending him tumbling as being hit by the truck wasn't enough as he got ran over by it as well as his eyes feel heavy slowly close them. and it was on that day he died his birthday. but this wouldn't be the end of Jack he still felt like his body was not mangled to all hell as he opened his eyes he saw a great white void. as he looked around he saw a figure sitting in front of him and all he could think of was.

" did I seriously just get isekai?"

figured spoke his voice was loud but it didn't hurt jack ear.

" well I read your mind you probably already know what's going to happen and before you ask yes you're getting reborn did you just get isekai also yes and yes I'm going to let you pick your new life. yes you will be able to choose where you are born. hell I'm so tired right now you can even choose to be part of a Pacific family. how am I guessing your questions is because I've been at this since the beginning of time and at this point I have too much damn experience."

I stayed quiet as I simply process what this guy is insane and then I spoke after a few minutes.

" I'm guessing your answer to me choose in what world I'll be born into is a yes so I will choose the world of Naruto"

the figure began to speak with is a calm voice.

" alright then you get to choose your clan what chakra Nature's you will have and you can even choose a mutation if that Clan has a dojutsu. and you can even give that mutation a special effect."

I started jumping around excitedly and speaking.

" well I choose the Uchiha Clan I want to live in the hidden mist Village as will I want to have water, lightning, wind chakra nature and I want my dojutsu to be mutated to be a golden Sharingan and it will allow me to easily translate and understand the Jutsu formula of seals. and for my Mangekyou ability I wanted to allow me to make a pocket Dimension and travel in it and anywhere I have been. so pretty much like that of Obito Uchiha."

the figure yawned and snapped his finger as I could slowly see my vision fade. the next thing to come into my hearing was a woman speaking.

" push Emily push."

" guessing Emily is my mother"

then I saw two faces wine being someone wearing the Hokage outfit for the hidden Mist Village it was a young boy. this was the 4th Mizuki. also known as the last recorded three tails jinchuriki in the show. though I don't know if there was a new three tails jinchuriki in boruto. as I was putting my mother's arms I looked up to her she seemed very happy and she didn't have any Uchiha features meaning my father was the Uchiha do I got my genetics from which would make sense since all the rest of my clan is in konoha. which meant a konoha Shinobi got freaky with a mist Shinobi. she looks so weak and I can tell she was starting to die but she may live a few more minutes. I started to cry a little bit as I looked over to the 4th mizukage and extended my hands to him. soon after this everyone i could tell my mother was dying and many of them were trying to save her the mizukage holding me trying to keep me from crying the best he could. but soon after a few minutes one of the old women approached the mizukage and smoke. but as the music again looked away from me I looked at my mom getting ready to die and I woken my Sharingan as I had too little chakra to keep it activated than a millisecond. I passed out for only a few minutes.

" I'm sorry Lord 4th she has only a few minutes left to live. what will we do with the child?"

the mizukage seem to hold me tightly cradling me in his arms. as he looked up with tears in his eyes and spoke.

" he is a member of The Village we will take care of him. that's the only sensible thing I can think of...."

a started to cry would call both of their attentions. my mother had died in this world just like the one in my previous life. the mizukage try calming me down even though he is a child he was pretty good at calming me down. though I'm guessing Obito hadn't yet put him under a genjutsu. which meant one or two things my birth has changed the timeline or I'm just that far back in time. we didn't really to my knowledge find out when exactly the fourth mizukage was put in the genjutsu by Obito. or if we did find out I probably missed that episode explaining that. but either way I might be able to if I train hard enough to save him. or Obito if he finds out I exist in the Mist Village may even try to induct me into the Akatsuki. or konoha will try to eliminate me before I can establish part of the Uchiha clan in the hidden Mist Village. that way no other Village has Uchiha in it and the Sharingan is not anywhere but konoha. but then again both parents of mine probably didn't tell their respective governments they slept with a member of the cooperating Village. which could mean that I am safe until I awaken the Sharingan but then again my Sharingan will be different it would be golden unlike the standard. but as I looked over I noticed something another noise of a baby. does this mean I have a twin brother or sister. everyone looked over as she started to push out another baby and it was a boy. she was holding the boy with a smile her eyes closed however the mizukage again spoke.

" well I guess now we have two new members of The Village it's a day to be celebrated but we have to talk to her family."

the mizukage bodyguard grabbed my brother. holding him barely gently as both the mizukage and his bodyguard carried me and my brother to a small house as he knocked on the door. a old man opened his hair had a bit of gray in it but he mainly had yellow hair. he seemed shocked that the mizukage was at his house he begged both of them to come in as guests with both of them walking in with me and my brother. all the family were sitting on the couch I could see a old woman a young boy and now who I assume is my grandpa sitting on the couch as well. the mizukage spoke calmly with a sad tone.

" I have both good news and bad news the good news is you are now grandparents the two healthy baby boys. but the bad news is your daughter Emily has died giving birth to these two boys."

I started to cry again and then soon my brother followed. the grandmother quickly got up and hold both me and my brother who had tears. she spoke calmly being sad. The young boy who I saw it and my grandpa started crying. but my grandpa was holding back his tears he was slowly nudging both me and my brother lightly with a small smile.

" Thank You Lord 4th for bringing both of my grandchildren here will take good care of them."

the old woman who I assumed was my grandma smiled nodding slowly. the fourth mizukage about politely he seems a very much care about his people. he began to leave as The Bodyguard spoke a few words.

" I wish you the best of luck with life you will receive a large amount of money to help raise these two and keep you all keep bills paid. and they'll be a bit of money coming out my own Pockets your daughter was a wonderful human being and a good friend of mine."

both of them slowly nodded as The Bodyguard left the room. the woman who I now know is Grandma for certain took me up to a room which had a old baby cradle out. I'm guessing they knew their daughter was pregnant so they had already brought out some baby equipment. since she wouldn't be able to work because she just giving birth should be around to help take care of her babies. but they looked a bit sad as they put both of us in the old cradle my brother seem to wrap his arms around me we'll trying to get some sleep. I stared at my grandparents who remind me of a lot of my old grandparents. back in my previous life always so kind and always seem to care about others regardless if it does them some harm or not. it was at this moment I made a solemn vow that I would protect my family at any cost. meaning I had become strong. the first steps would be to master chakra control then to learn to master all three chakra Nature's I possessed win water and lightning. but now I think about it I could learn a fourth chakra nature since I have three natural ones. and I'm guessing that one would be fire or Earth nature.

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