10 New training method... and ramen

I woke up at about 8:00, which was a bit late, but I went to bed late, so it makes sense. Since it was so late, I didn't have time to get my morning training, nor was I able to look at the scroll, as I had to go to the academy. Ever since the war started, I had this routine, to walk a slightly longer route through the main street, in order to hear the resent gossip, thus giving me an overview of how the war was progressing.

Today, the villagers were almost partying, as a few recent events were finally relayed back to the village, with the most important being the homecoming of Tsunade, due to having cured Chiyo's poisons, giving Konoha a great advantage on the Suna front, which was now being lead solely by Sakumo, who had gained fame due to killing Sasori's parents. Some of the other news, included a temporary ceasefire with Kumo, caused by Gyuki, the eight-tailed beast, having gone on a rampage, killing two characters I knew from the original. The two killed were Blue B and Toroi, the later making me a bit sad, since I would have liked to at least see him use his magnet release once.

Because of the ceasefire, some unknown jonin had taken command of the Iwa battlefield, while Orochimaru was moved to the land of rain, allowing Jiraiya to get a break from the war. I knew from canon, that it wouldn't take long before Suna would give up, having lost their advantage, so Sakumo should also be coming to the village too. On a side note, I also heard a talented young jonin named Teuchi had open ramen shop after no longer being able to be on the front line, due to having sustained a permanent injury in his lower back and his left knee… I knew I'd be visiting that one.

The day at the academy were pretty much the same as always, but after they lessons were over, I decided to invite Minato, Kana and Kushina out for what I assumed to be Ichiraku ramen, in order to make up for not helping the girls with the bullies. Surprisingly, Kushina was the most skeptical, which had me mentally in chock for about thirty seconds, since she was supposed to be their biggest costumer before Naruto. I finally managed to convince her, at the cost of me treating her, which would definitely leave a dent in my wallet, though I suppose I would have to live with it if I managed to gain her affection.

Having reached our destination, which I had rightly assumed was Ichiraku, we were greeted by Teuchi's smile, as he energetically took our orders. Minato and Kana ordered miso ramen, while Kushina and I ordered pork ramen. After tasting the ramen, Kushina and Kana devoured the rest of the bowls with stars in their eyes, excitingly calling for seconds. Between the first and second bowl, I had the privilege to experience getting hug-crushed by Kushina for having led her to, with her words, the godly food paradise of ramen, which gave Teuchi a smug smile.

"So, treating your girlfriends, are we?" – Teuchi

All four of us blushed at the comment, which caused Teuchi to show us one of his signature maniacal laughs, before giving us his so-called couple discount. This once again made us blush, but on the inside, I was grateful, not only because I managed to save a lot of money, but also because Teuchi had managed to further our relationships, by planting the idea inside their heads. Now I only had to wait for those seeds, until we could make them bloom by saving the girls from Kumo in a few years.

Having almost emptied my wallet, I was quite depressed, until I remembered I had the Forbidden scroll just laying at home, which cheered my up immensely. I quickly made my way home, making sure to place privacy seals, before taking out the scroll and unrolling it. The scroll contained a total of eight techniques, two of which were suicide techniques and two which permanently damaged the user. I suppose I might be able to use them with shadow clones, but I'm taking no chances until I know more about them. This left four usable techniques; the multiple shadow clone technique, the impure world resurrection, the exploding shadow clone technique and something called the devouring technique.

Based on the name, I could guess what the exploding shadow clone technique does, but I seriously thought it was created by the yet to be born Itachi Uchiha, but I suppose Tobirama created it instead. As for why it was a forbidden technique, from what was written in the scroll, the user would still gain the shadow clones' memories, including the feeling of blowing up and being torn apart… Itachi was more of a badass then I thought, though I already viewed him as a badass, so I guess he would be like, the badassest or something.

The devouring technique, was surprisingly a technique with no apparent drawbacks, only having been categories as a forbidden technique due to its cruel nature. It allowed the user to devour the chakra of others, incorporating it into their own system, requiring only the target to be alive, thus slowly and painfully sucking their chakra out until they died from chakra exhaustion. Based on this description, my best guess is, that it is a precursor to Hiruko's chimera technique, but not being able to gain kekkei genkai from the devoured, nor is it able to bestow powers upon others, like the chimera technique can.

The first one I decided to learn, was obviously the multiple shadow clone technique, as I would allow me to supercharge my training, and also help me learn the other three techniques. My plan was to start with only four clones, since even though both Minato and I had massive chakra reserves for our age, we were still barely at low jonin, thus not allowing me to spam clones like Naruto. As me reserves grew, I would be able to use more clones, but for now four was enough. I would use one clone on the impure world resurrection, two clones on the devouring technique, once they learnt it, one would research developing the chimera technique, and the other one would research using the techniques on dead targets, as it would be more convenient to just kill the targets instead of capture, while also saving them the suffering… I'm not a monster, you know.

The last clone would focus on learning weapon techniques, while the main body, as in me, would do physical training and fitness. I also decided just in case, that it should be the main body that interacted with others, as well as going to the academy and lessons with Mito, especially Mito, as she would be able to tell that it was a clone. I would use this training system at least until I graduated and get a sensei, as I would have adapt depending on who it was.

While I was doing my regular old training routine, having set the scroll aside for a minute, I heard a knock on the door, and quickly hid the scroll and ran to the front door, only to open it and see Hiruzen standing outside with two ANBU operatives on each side of him…

"Hallo Yoshio, can we come in for a minute, I have something I would like to talk to you about" – Hiruzen

"Of course, ojisan, it might be a bit messy, as I was in the middle of training, I hope you don't mind" – Me

"I don't mind… Gecko, can you fetch me Minato Namikaze, I would like him to be here. Eagle, you are following me, these boys and I have some important stuff to talk about" – Hiruzen

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