1 Naruko Uzumaki Info

Bloodline Limit: Blood bending

A mutation of the Uzumaki chakra chains bloodline limit due to mixing with Ahri the Nine Tails Demon chakra since birth, Giving her the ability to create tails at the base of her spine due to the special cells in her blood. Once the tails are out they are flexible like the flow of water, but firm and sturdy, you can think of them as liquid muscles. She can control them whenever she wants and repeatedly harden and soften them at will. The more blood that she has or gathers the stronger they become as well as increasing the distance that they can cover.

A special trait of her bloodline limit is that she is able to absorb blood of others thus making herself stronger but normal blood won't make the increase in strength permit only temporarily boost for her, it has to be unique blood such as other bloodline limits users then the increase will be permit and a slight chance that she may even develop the bloodline herself if she can get enough of the persons blood.

Special Abilities:

Regeneration = Due to her special blood from the bloodline limit, her Uzumaki genes, and her connection to Ahri. She has a regeneration factor that can heal wounds quicker than the average human that can be increased with the more unique bloodlines that she consumes. If she gets enough different bloodlines then she could realistically have instant regeneration. While not immune to poisons she is incredibly immune to most common poisons and any that would be fatal for most would only hinder her for a bit till her body created antibodies for it on it's own.

Blood Frenzy = The more blood that she gathers the stronger that she becomes but the more unstable that she gets. While the increase in all of her abilities makes her a incredible fighter, too much exposure to blood can make her go into a state where everyone near her is an enemy and she will attack them at least until she calms down or is knocked out of the state somehow.

Kitsune Eyes = A massive increase in the ability to cast genjutsu on others, The person that has these eyes will have slits for eyes much like Ahri's, able to cast genjutsu with mere eye contact much like the sharingan but a stronger version of it making it hard to dispel them. If trained to the max they are able to make the illusions that you cast real that bring real harm to the body of the victim due to whatever the illusion did to them.

Example would be if said person was in an illusion that they were burning alive then the body would suffer from burns and they would show up on their body.

Due to special circumstances Naruko had also gained claws for hands making them deadly weapons on their own that when strengthened by chakra and her bloodline limit could make them as strong if not stronger than most weapons unless said person was using chakra metal.

Nature Elements = Natural Fire alignment (Stronger due to Ahri), Natural Water alignment.

Taijutsu style = Trickster style, the style focuses on casting illusions during combat to mess with the senses such as messing with their depth perception or their sense of direction. There are many other things that are done making it difficult to fight someone with this style because you don't know what sense they have targeted or if it is only one at a time. That is not the only thing that this style does: the user of this style targets for maximum damage aiming for only vitals or to inflict severe injuries like breaking bones when a chance is given. Combine that with the illusion it makes it hard for someone to block or even from overextending and getting put into a bad position during combat.

Weapon style = Moonlight, the use of a double scythe instead of the traditional sword that most ninja use. The unique aspect of this weapon style is that the double scythe can generate tremendous force when it spun making it extremely powerful and hard to block given the nature of the weapon and while not the fastest style out there it makes up for it in its versatility by the double scythe being able to separate into two normal scythes while losing some power to gain some speed overall. Being able to switch between the two different styles of attacks makes it hard for the enemy to adjust to your weapon style.

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