1 The First Day 1

Hoseok woke up and totally forgot about the school. Suddenly his mom came in "Hoseok! It's school today!" said his mom. "Oh, it's my first day of school" said Hoseok. Hoseok gets up and said "Mom can you go out? I'm going to change"

His mom goes out. Hoseok quickly change his clothes. "Being gay is hard... hope there's no bullies.." as he thinks.

Hoseok goes to the kitchen and takes breakfast. As he said bye to his mom, he forgot the backpack. "Oh, i forgot my backpack" Hoseok runs back to his room and takes his backpack. He goes back and walks to the door and takes his shoes on. He opens the door and walks out, he closes the door.

As soon as he walks to school he heard someone shouts his name "Hoseok! Hoseok!"

He looks behind him. It was....

Jungkook.... his childhood friend. "Kookie!" he shouted. Jungkook runs to him and hugs him. "Oh, lord... i missed you!" Jungkook said.

"Same here! And where are you going?" Hoseok asked. "A new school! It called __________ ______" says Jungkook. "So it means your in the same school as me?!" Hoseok said, they was so happy. They walk to school together.

While walking he saw a guy walking to the same school as them. He was.... very handsome. Hoseok cannot stop looking at him. The guy realize that Hoseok was looking at him, so he winked to Hoseok. Hoseok was blushing so hard. Jungkook spotted that Hoseok was blushing, so he said "Is Hobi in love with someone?~" "N-no!" said Hoseok. Jungkook laughed, he was looking at the guy who winked at Hoseok and thinks 'I'm going to ship them forever!'

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