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Namikaze Legend


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What is Namikaze Legend

Namikaze Legend is a popular fanfic written by the author AlexCiprianH, covering OPMC, UCHIHAMC, ROMANCE, NARUTO, ACTION, MOKUTONMC, Anime & Comics genres. It's viewed by 120.9K readers . The novel is being serialized to 38 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


In a twist of fate, Tobirama's only child survives and the Senju legacy continued. Years have passed since, and now two brothers have rose again to shake the entire world with their power, only this time they have the powers of both the Uchiha and Senju. . . . Original Creator: https://m.fanfiction.net/u/4473912/ if you are the original owner and want me to stop translating message me.


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All your fanfics have a stupid loyal mc lol.. It's like they'll kill their own children if the village tells them to... Good novels tho...


It's a very... heavy fanfic. A lot of emotional moments where mc and his group are constantly going through tragic moments, BUT, it only makes sense. This fanfic heavily showcase the 'darkness' of the war.. It isn't one of those fanfics with op mc who get used to killing like it's breathing, nor one where mc is practically alone but rather one where he is human. He faces MANY trials with constant trauma building up, only to fuel his both hate and love for his role. Honestly, at points the drama might be a bit much, but it goes to show how a person should act and react in times of desperation, death, despair and war. If you like OP MC in fanfics that fly through problems and only face a few obstacles, then you may find it hard to go on but I suggest you try it. Story is good, the AU part is built well, the side characters are also well written. So far it is great with an even greater update schedule, truly a well thought out novel as of now!


Are you the same Author from FanFiction.Net? I might be losing my mind but I swear I’ve read this before. It is a good piece of writing im just curious.


Just cause i feel like it


is this a reincarnated mc or just one where it's an character that actually lived in naruto and just never died ????????????????????????????????


This story in my opinion is the best that it could be right now with how consistent the author is with everything...........................


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