98 Incomplete Method

The next day, news of Xiao Fang's return quickly began to spread.

There wasn't a single person in the outer court that didn't know who he was. The frightening thing about it was that his name was even reaching the inner court.

Some stories painted him as a saint, others described him as being a domineering badboy. Either way, he was advertised so well that even the Elders wanted a piece of him.

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Out of all the rumors that was said about him, there was only 1 rumor Xiao Fang was interested about. It was the rumors saying that his semen (actually his yang qi) improved their cultivation immensely.

No one believed this rumor, and it was even less believable to the Elders that heard it.

Of course, Xiao Fang was aware that his Yang qi really did provide benefits to their cultivations, what he didn't know was how much they would benefit from it now that he broke through to the Spirit Core realm with his Dual Cultivation method.

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