Mythical Plane Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

Mythical Plane


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In the universe where hundreds and thousands of planes reside in a corner where It seems like its nothing there, a plane called Elise resides there. Life is tough on Elise because there's no one here to maintain some peace or stability as a whole but still people are living here maintaining a sort of balance......until that day comes. This is a story about a boy called zephyr warlock. He lives in a small city called Edgar city with his family in warlock clan. He lives well in his clan but he can't cultivate like his peers because he had a problem during his birth. Some of his clansmen mock him because of it but doesn't have problem with it because his family members treat him dearly. He has a secret on him that can treat his illness but he have to leave his family for a long while. So he continues living like that thinking he can at least live like a normal human lifespan until he discovers his life is coming to an end. So he decided to go on the journey to cure himself but is it that easy? and what is his secret?