Myth and King
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Myth and King


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What is Myth and King

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Charles is Peace Era children, born after Humanity survived the Calamity. Now he was fifteen and it's time to make a decision about his own future and maybe the Earth future too.

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Hello. My name is Super Vanilla author of Myth and King. So what would you find from reading this novel? I guess the easier way to explain is where I draw my inspiration. It was digimon/pokemon and other 'mon' story. It was a story where Earth had gone through extreme change, mutated plant and animal especially Myth almost kill the whole population and the story start at least twenty years after the event. In my story, the evolution was less linear than other 'mon' stories. Meaning if you and your dog survived my apocalypse, you would create your own pokemon if you trigger its evolution. If you guys like running then there is a high chance it grows abilities to become faster, maybe they grow abilities to use lightning to push their body or it evolve in a way that surprised by evolving bigger so you can ride it as a mount making you the owner happy and huggable tesla car. The point is the main cast would befriend or adopt their own monster and evolve in a way they complement each other. Also, unlike pokemon my character wouldn't become a cheerleader, they would fight as a partner though in the earlies chapter you probably feel like watching a mother bear teaching it's cub how to hunt since most of them is a teenager. Where the story would go? Well in the broadest sense it would be adventure and exploration, the earth had gone trough big change so The Mc would explore the land and helping to make sure the world became safer. How fast the update? Minimum one chapter per week. I would hoard two finished chapter in my computer so if I made more there would be a bonus chapter.


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