Mystical Life Of Magic Book

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Mystical Life Of Magic


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Ryan was currently living his last moments laying on the ground with a wound on his back. He was backstabbed by one of his best friends and had a gun fight in a robbery. Cursing himself and his friend Ryan knew this was it. On the other side of the universe a planet called Qurinium, a war was taking place. It was a battle between Dragons, Demi-humans, Elves, and humans. They were fighting for a specific item, it was an item dropped by god. There was a summoning circle directly below the item, it was summoning a being from another universe. Ryan was about to close his eyes and rest. His soul was transported into another world! It was a world of magic! He finds himself on a gigantic rock as a 11 year old boy! For a second the rock he was currently standing on was shaking and glowing. It started to split apart! A small piece of glowing metal could be seen in the rock. “Arghh.. am I going crazy?.. wait IS THAT A FIREBALL COMING AT ME? AHHHH!!” This was made by a unofficial human being please do not judge my lack of uploads and my horrible grammar. Thanks! This novel is currently testing and is not official. If there is any grammar mistakes please let me know..!


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