A day in a city near Himalayas as Mount Everest can be seen naked from their city where the volcano gets erupted and the whole city gets submerged in the volcanoic dust and the temperature suddenly drops but a person in this city felt rise in temperature and we can see two falls on his face . Yes , his two sons were died . It becomes a case and the police get closed the case as a " suicide" . But, he suspected that it might be a pre- planned murder as they were killed one after with a day between . So , he wants to know that black sheep among white sheeps. But , he was already 80+ his mental and physical works get degenerated . So, he planned to info this case to a known intelligent detective . Yes , he was in search of a intelligent detective. He leaps in a bed and the happy times he enjoyed with his sons are crossed in his mind for few minutes and his eyes were getting wet.... Suddenly , he sees a black shadow moves on the floor and his adrenaline gets rushed and a man suddenly entered his room within his eyelids open.

He suddenly got a jerk and shouted as.....

Hey ,man who are you ? how can you enter my house?

He said that I am your relative from TamilNadu and I am your sister husband brother's son as my father told to your son on my tour to Himalayas as I felt uncomfortable on staying with my friends so I planned to stay with you sir ....

The man heard a sad dad's voice from him,

Oh!!! Sure , come on....

How do your family do ???

Yeah !!! Fine sir..

Don't call me sir ...just call me AETHUR...

After gooming an hour , he asked AETHUR about his two sons as he already doubted from his voice.

But , the old man was not interested in saying about the mysterious mystery to him. But , to lift down weight from his mind he said to him about the deaths in a week.

I am in search of a detective , if you are in contact with any detective , please forward to me ....

Sorry sir , I am not in contact with any detective but I can help you since I am a professional secret detective of TN government and I had solved many cases .....

Oh !!! That God must send you to this needy...

Thank God!!

I should help you Aethur on this...But , you should not hide any information on this from me.OK ..

OK. I should.

The old man revealed all the happenings..

1.)My first son ALBERT was a business man and he was just 35 . He was murdered on a flight when returning from America after a business meet .

After two days,

2.)My second son ELBERT is just 23 and he just done MBA and he was murdered in a pub.

Ok. Have you suspected on someone on these two murders.

NO. My sons should discuss about their business enemies with me if they had. But , they didn't . I guess that they may not have any enemies around.

How can you say ? There may be chances of having enemies that your sons may conceal about their enemies to you.

No, I thought they might not hide anything from me.

Ok. If the brothers had any problems with them on their opinions.

Yes , two years before they fought themselves.

What may be the reason for that , AETHUR?

Before two years , when Elbert joined 1st year of MBA ,he felt in a love with my right hand's daughter.

Albert knows on this by his friend's daughter who studied with Elbert and he warned him but Elbert didn't take into account Albert's word. So they had a fight and they stopped talking with themselves and stopped caring one another. I am the one who carries infos between them.

Is only two murders occur simultaneously is there further any murders occur.

After , this question the death of his right hand on a day after a day after his second son's death. Suddenly , he said about this third murder to the detective boy.

The detective boy is just 25 and he is a love failured and he does crazy on his job.

He starts his work from first murder ....

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