Mysterious  Martial CultivatorMysterious  Martial Cultivator

Mysterious Martial Cultivator

by legendaryking

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The catastrophe of the Earth lead to earthlings searching for another planet for large scale relocation. Their dangerous journey through space ended with the population drastically decreasing as they found a planet capable of supporting life. The locals did not view them with friendliness and they came to realise that this planet may not be as beautiful as their original one. With survival on the line, the humans embark on the road to cultivation as they face the challenges experienced by a weak race in a dog eat dog planet. The final result being able to occupy a small part of the large Evergreen Planet. Our Mc starts his journey in a sect filled with beauties, his suffering and desire to help his sect made him embark on the road to cultivation faster than his peers. Can he achieve something that is deemed impossible? Can he create his legend and achieve greatness on the path of cultivation to unite the whole world? Join us as we explore with him a path to greatness while at the same time ravishing beauties of all races and statuses. What is the mysterious orange power in his soul? Why does female feel aroused when he circulates energy in their bodies? Come find out the answer to these questions and many more on an adventure filled with danger, conspiracy and fun. Do not worry though it is not hentai. The sex part is not the most predominant thing in this novel. Basically you will find out that there will be around 10 chapters more or less in 100 ones with sex part. I will try to flesh put my heriones and MC rather than going to bed with them regularly ----------------------------------------- Support me here if you want to https://www.patreon.com/legendaryking Join my discord https://discord.gg/g96DHw2

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