1 Prologue

Chen Hua, a college student, was always at the top of his class. He was one of the most alethetic in the grade and had a good build, not too muscular, azure eyes, tall, and black-blue hair. Despite being at the top of his class he had always felt that he was missing something, forgotten. He was proud of his achievements but realized that he was missing excitement in his life, he had always followed the rules to the T. Now, the only form of escape he had was the various manga, manhua, donghua, novels, and anime available. He had watched and read The Mythical Realm, Douluo Dalu, DanMachi, Naruto, Tales of Demons and Gods, Solo Levelling, Martial God Asura and more.

Chen Hua was sitting in the middle left the side of the classroom staring out the window wondering when the next chapter of Douluo Dalu would be published...

-Beep! The bell rang. Jolting awake from his daze he hurriedly walked towards his home. He lived off campus in an apartment with his mother located a bit over a mile away from the campus. Chen Jia, his mother was rarely home as she was working as a surgeon in the emergency department at a hospital.

Before heading home he had to first cash a check he had won as the nationwide champion of a robotics contest into the bank. Just as he was finishing, the sound of shattering glass and screams rang out. A group of armed men stormed into the bank. Before he could make sense of what was going on he heard the window barriers popping up as a cold sensation spread out from his abdominal area. He tried to look around and saw he was being dragged into a back room and a door tightly shutting behind him. The cold sensation was spreading, he felt lightheaded and was losing consciousness as two of the tellers that were at the counter carried over a container with a red cross on it. He then realized that the glass had been shattered by gunshot and that the bank was being robbed. As he closed his eyes he could hear the shouts of the robbers and sirens closing in.

Peaceful tranquillity then suddenly, without warning enshrouded his mind. He had found himself inside of an empty black space

「Ding! Initial requirements to host the myriad reincarnations system have been met. Would you like to continue with the installation? [Y/N]... 「Who's there? Hello? 」

「Ding! answer unconfirmed, assuming the new host wants to continue with the installation. 5%... 10%... 20%... 50%... 90%... Installation complete, Scanning host... 」

(Mission - Unlock the Main system interface - Difficulty: E)

(Requirements to unlock the main system interface: Die for the first time)

(Status: Complete)

「Ding! Initiating tutorial 」

(New Mission: Complete Tutorial - Difficulty: E)

(Rewards: 1 Beginner package, 1 random skill book)

(Status: In Progress)

「Ding! The host can issue mental commands to control the main system interface as long as it is within the host's unlocked privileges. The commands Status will open the status, Inventory will open the inventory.」

「Who or... what are you and where am I? Did you say that I died earlier?」

「Ding! The host is correct you have indeed died, and the host has the right to rename me, the myriad reincarnations system.」

「Then I will just refer to you as system.」

「Ding! Renaming Succesful refer to me as system」


「The inventory has 1 cubic meter but can be upgraded to hold more you can also equip and unequip weapons from this menu」



Name: ≪Chen Hua≫


HP: [N/A] MP: [N/A]

Level: NA

Age: N/A Race: N/A

Strength: N/A Dexterity: N/A

Agility: N/A Intelligence: N/A

Skills: N/A


「System why is almost everything labelled as not applicable?」

「Ding! You have died and are in soul form you do not have a corporeal body」

(Mission: Complete Tutorial - Difficulty: E)

(Rewards: 1 Beginner package, 1 random skill book)

(Status: Completed)

「Would the host like to open the package and random skill book now?」[Y/N]

「Yes open the beginner package and the ransom skill book」

「Ding! Command received obtained old shoes, old shirt, old pants, 3 low-grade health potions. randomizing skill book... obtained the five elements pentagram. Searching for suitable reincarnation location... found 28 suitable reincarnation locations please choose world type」

1 - World of Cultivation (14)

2 - World of Cultivation and science (5)

3 - World of Swords and magic (6)

5 - World of Science and magic(3)

「System please describe the world types」

「Ding! Cultivation is to go against the will of the heavens and prevail over all becoming an immortal, a world of swords and magic has the powerful feared and admired the mages, a world of science is a world where technology prevails world of science and magic is where technology is highly advanced and there is magic, and a world of cultivation and science is a world where highly advanced technology helps cultivators along their journey to immortality.」

「I choose the category of Cultivation and science」

「Choose which world you want to reincarnate into from one of the 5 options」

1 - Douluo Dalu IV

2 - 40 Millenniums if Cultivation

3 - Universe of the 9 Heavens

4 - Heavenly River Continent

5 - World of Corrin

「I choose the Heavenly River Continent」

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