1 Chapter 1: Congratulations the host becomes the shopkeeper.

Huangyuan Empire, Cloud city.

This cloud refers to the city of clouds called due to its proximity to the cloud forest.

In this cloud forest, there are abundant low-level monsters, which attract a large number of mercenaries to gather here.

Within the Huangyuan Empire, a large number of academies will also establish trial areas for new and veteran students in this cloud forest.

A large number of people have contributed materials to the prosperity of the Soaring cloud city and to the development of trade, culture, and power.

In this thriving cloud city, there is a small shop on an inaccessible street corner.

The store owner was lying on the window frame of his store and stared blankly at the empty street.

"Ding, the store manager's system has been updated, does the host wants to turn on the system?" A numb electronically synthesized sound suddenly appeared in Qi Le's brain.

Qi Le was stunned for a moment and then tears filled his eyes. I waited hard for months, and finally, the golden finger of crossing came.

In Qi Le's mind, there was already a scene of the system, he was trembling with excitement.

But, what is this store manager system? Although Qi wondered, he still said quietly in his heart: "Turn it on!".

The store manager system has received the opening instructions, and now the opening task is issued.

"Opening Task: First Store

Task content: own a store of your own (as a great store manager, how can you not have a store of your own?)

Task Reward: The store management system is enabled.

Task time limit: None."

Qi Le was stunned: "Why isn't my store counted as one?"

System: "Your establishment is called a dog house, not a store. "


"Qi Le, who was hurt by words, got up from the window frame, looked at the cluttered shop, and felt it was time to clean.

Qi Le removed the herbs, and the rest of the wooden shelves and counters were also a bit worn out.

Qi Le thought for a while, and left a few still usable, but threw away the others.

After some toil, the sky darkened. The store also became brand new, just a little empty.

Qi Le rubbed his sore waist and called the system in his mind.

"How about it, now this is my shop."

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System: "barely qualified."

"The opening task is complete and the store manager system is officially launched!"

Immediately, a white light appeared in the shop, scanning the entire shop completely.

"Scanning is done, store renovations are done, the first store is allowed to open and a defense system has been installed."

Under Qi Le's surprised gaze, all the facilities in the shop were replaced.

The original furniture inside was swept away, and a square counter was facing the door, blocking the partitioned room behind.

The walls on both sides were whitewashed as new, and the side facing the street had no windows and replaced it with a glass wall.

Going further back, the partitioned room was systematically transformed into a warehouse, and there was a soft small bed beside the warehouse.

System: "The first store is opened successfully, host collect the goods for sale.", Before Qi Le had time to respond, he heard a "Bang Deng" sound, and a round turntable fell next to Qi Li.

Qi Le almost jumped in shock.

"Can you let me prepare myself a little?" Qi Le turned pale and looked at the turntable.

Spirit beasts, artifacts, fairy beasts, combat skills...

These good things made Qi Le's eyes glow with greed.

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