1 Prologue

*100 years ago*

*??? POV*

I tried to catch my breath and regain my energy but I could feel that my throat was in pain and suddenly blood began to leak out of my mouth I had been hit in the neck many times for the last 10 days and with each breath every cell in my body screamed in pain as my chest moved slightly with each breath. Every fiber of my body was leaking blood and every bone in my body was shattered. The pain alone would have been enough to kill a normal man but i couldn't allow myself to die....Not when I'm so close to completing the mission my comrades died for.

I examined my surroundings for the first time in 10 days I had been to focused on the battle to really pay attention to my surroundings. What i saw hurt my soul a little bit the once beautiful forest we fought in was now completely destroyed I felt bad for any animal who happened to be in the forest during the battle. The once green trees that surrounded us were instantly turned to ash when then battle first began and the once insect filled ground were now covered in ash and craters that were the size of football fields. It was like someone dropped a nuke in the area.....And in a way that did happen.

I then examined my body to look at my injuries almost all of my armor had been torn or blasted off of my body and the only piece of my armor that was still on my armor was a gauntlet that clung to my left hand. 10 days ago the gauntlet used to be a bright red color with bits of silver on the palm of the gauntlet but now the gauntlet was a dark grey color like it had its life force drained and there were countless cracks on the gauntlet a child should be able to break the gauntlet with ease with these type of injuries.

I then examined my injuries my once tanned skin was now stained red with my own blood....And the blood of my opponent....And the blood of my comrades as they died in my arms. I also noticed that 30 percent of my body was missing skin that left my muscles exposed and almost every inch of my body was leaking blood and each time i so much as moved a finger every cell in my body screamed in pain. But I had gotten used to the pain many days ago.

I also noticed that my once long red hair was now much shorter and had bits of black on it as bits of ash left my head i guess some of my hair had been burnt off of my scalp.

I then noticed the other bodies surrounding me 11 other men and women all of them were killed in brutal fashion. Some had holes blown into their chests some had limbs ripped off of their body and some had been ripped in half completely.

But they all had one thing in common they all had small smiles on their faces these were the faces of men and women who all died without a regret.They died so that I could finish the mission.

These were the corpses of my comrades my allies people who i considered family.....People who I would trust with my life....And yet I was unable to do anything to prevent their deaths for the first time i my life I felt.....Helpless I was unable to prevent their deaths and I couldn't help but cry a little as tears of blood ran down my face.

I then looked behind me as I saw a body a few feet behind me but this corpse was definitely not the corpse of one of my comrades.

A few feet behind me a large corpse belonging to a person who was probably around 10 feet tall laid on the ground and was clearly killed in a brutal fashion the corpse seemed to have been wearing pitch black spiky armor that was now destroyed. And a large chunk of the corpses torso had been blasted off of the corpses body leaving their rib cage exposed and the corpse was leaking a insane amount of blood that left a large puddle of blood on the ground. The corpses arms and legs were also twisted brutally and left the bones in the arms and legs exposed it seems as though the person before they died were hit by a attack that completely destroyed them.

The corpses face was also destroyed to the point that the corpse was completely unrecognizable even if the persons own mother tried to figure who the corpse belonged to.

And then there was the corpses cause of death a dark grey katana slightly larger then my arm was plunged in their chest piercing the corpses heart.

The katana had a dark grey blade with a light purple handle and the guard attached to the handle of the katana was a pitch black color. And the katanas blade was covered in thousands of tiny little cracks like someone shattered the blade into pieces and then proceeded to stick the katana back together with tape but even when i first got the katana it was cracked. And no matter how hard I looked I have yet to find a way to repair the cracks on the blade.

This Katana belonged to me.....Hatsumi Dragonscale leader of the zodiacs the dragon zodiac this was my katana and the corpse I am looking at is the corpse of the demon king and I am the one responsible for killing the demon king. I was able to land the last blow on the demon king when me and my comrades were finally able to get the demon king weak enough to kill. But as a result my 11 brothers and sisters in arms were killed in the battle.

I had finally won the war i had spent decades fighting....No i had finally won the war humanity had spent centuries fighting but still why did I feel so.....Sad? Why did I feel so empty?.....Was it because I was conflicted?. Was i wondering internally if I should celebrate or mourn my comrades deaths? They had died so we could kill this one creature but i remember their faces clearly when at the start of the battle i promised i would lead them to victory but....How can i call this a victory when I'm the only one still alive?.

I have won but.....At what cost?.

Those were the last thoughts that went through my head as i began to pass out I had lost to much blood but i could hear people yelling but i couldn't hear what they were saying my mind was already breaking down.

News about the demon kings death was already going through worldwide as people learned of the demon kings death billions of soldiers went back to their families with tears of happiness in their eyes. And people all over the globe began to throw parties that would last for weeks. As all this was happening statues of the zodiacs made of pure gold were already being made.

People were already celebrating the demon kings death but one man felt sadness as news of the demon kings death.....

And that man was the one who was responsible for killing the demon king Hatsumi the leader of the zodiacs!.

On one hand he was glad that the demon king was finally dead now humanity has one less threat to deal with but at the same time....If he had known that his friends would die in the fight Hatsumi was unsure whether or not he would have still fought the demon king.....Even if Hatsumi were to live for a hundred years Hatsumi was sure that he will never find the answer to that question.

*1 month later*

"SIR SOMETHING HAPPENED!." A doctor says as they rush into a room with many other doctors in the room. They were currently in Tokyo at a local hospital where Hatsumi was being treated he was found a month ago next to the corpse of the demon king and was immediately rushed to this hospital to get treated from his many wounds. But still even though Hatsumi was the strongest man in the world he would still be severely injured even after a month of nonstop healing...Right?.

"SIR HATSUMI ESCAPED FROM HIS ROOM THE TWO GUARDS WE HAD OUTSIDE HIS ROOM WERE FOUND UNCONSCIOUS AND A NURSE REPORTED THAT THEY SAW HIM LEAP OUT OF A WINDOW FROM THE SECOND FLOOR!." The doctor said causing all the doctors to gasp loudly. One doctor even dropped a bottle of wine to the floor they were all still celebrating the demon kings death but their good moods were ruined when they heard this news.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE ESCAPED FROM HIS ROOM THE GUARDS WERE ALL A RANK HUNTERS HOW DID HE ESCAPE?!." The lead doctor said they were a elderly man who had spent the last 40 years of their life dedicated to being a doctor and had seen all sorts of crazy things. But this was the most unbelievable thing he has ever heard.

"REPORT THIS TO THE AUTHORITIES TELL THEM THAT HATSUMI ESCAPED HE MAY DIE DUE TO HIS INJURIES AND WE CANNOT ALLOW HUMANITIES HERO TO DIE!." the head doctor said a determined look on his face it would be bad if humanities greatest hero ever died under his care.

*Hatsumi's POV*

I fell to the ground as I tried to catch my breath I was currently in a forest even with my injuries I was able to run to Mount Fuji though just barely I probably should have stayed at the hospital for one more week before I escaped that way my stamina wouldn't have been so low and i wouldn't have been so slow. I was trying to run to America that way I could hide out there for a few months as I wait for the news of the demon kings death to die down I didn't want the world to notice me disappear.....

From here on out I Hatsumi Dragonscale leader of the zodiacs the dragon zodiac retire once and for all.

As i thought this words began to appear in front of my face they said








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