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My zodiac system


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It was the year 6099 and humanity was stronger then ever. Science had evolved so much that things like flying cars and teleporters were common and their Military's were stronger then ever. But that wasn't enough to prepare humanity for what happened next. The sky turned red as the ground split open and demons straight out of a fantasy book attacked humanity and left millions dead. But humanity did not go down without a fight. For 300 years humanity fought the demons in a bloody war but humanity were at a disadvantage because most demons were stronger then humanities weapons. But something happened that changed the tide of war for humanity a event called the awakening happened worldwide and the human population started gaining magic powers that gave humanity the strength to fight back against the demons. There were 12 humans who had the strength to rival gods these 12 people were known as the zodiacs and there leader the dragon zodiac led humanity to many victories. But one day the zodiacs fought the demon king in a brutal battle that lasted 10 days and 11 of the zodiacs died as a result but at the end of the battle the dragon zodiac was able to destroy the demon king once and for all and disappeared completely. But a century later the world has changed completely humanity lives in a world where the strong rule the weak and a disowned noble named Cain who was disowned from his family due to how weak he was and his lack of magic met a odd old man who gave him something called a system. That will him the strength of the 12 zodiacs and now a new generation of zodiacs must prepare for a threat worse then the demon king.


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