1 The Father and the Son

As the wind blows from all directions a massive wormhole appeared on an isolated island on the border of china it was hidden that it was neglected by the officials as a bug .

A man appeared out of the wormhole he's face was very pale and old , but he was emitting a very powerful aura that made the ocean crazy and living animals scared . The man was covered with blood and blade wounds a noticeable whole can be seen on his chest it looks like an arrow was able to pierce through his chest . The man was powerful enough to contain and stop the blood from continuous leaking ." Where am I .." The man softly said as he looked around the surrounding vicinity . He was holding a baby in his arms whose body was covered with cloth and a necklace on his neck . The man caressed the baby's face " Young one we survived, but unfortunately you won't have a tranquil life in the future, I just hope that those bastards don't come looking for us .. " The man's face was full of anger .

7- years later

on an isolated island somewhere on the coast of China . The island was covered with a mysterious array created by the man to avoid and enemies this place was where he and his son stayed for the past 7 years .

On a nearby tree there are sounds of crumbling and powerful punches . A young man with an appearance heaven defying can be seen . His fist was covered with bruises and blood , body covered with sweat and wounds as he continuously punch the gigantic tree which seems to break anytime soon.

" Father told me to destroy this tree by today " The young man looks high up and smiles .

The boy jumps and lands on a branch " I think it's time to use my killer move " The young man launches himself up high it seems like he's flying as he reached the very top of the tree and a little more he rotates his body 360 degrees and kicks the tree . The tree collapsed breaking into two halves he landed softly to the ground dodging the large tree .

" Xun it's time to eat ! " even if the young boy was several kilometers away from his home with his unique hearing he was able to hear his dad's voice . Quickly roping the tree and carrying it back home .

Xun Jun is the name of the young boy he was trained in the arts of killing and hunting at a young age to be able to fend for himself when he's dad is gone .

it is not simple martial arts instead a killing art that focuses deeply on foundation and hunting . Xu Jun's body has been cultivated for the past 4 years to carry large objects from beasts like bears that weighs 350-500 kg to trees weighing thousand kilograms .

Xu Jun arrived at the small cabin which was created by his father Qiu Lei . On the outside it may seem ordinary , but it is actually full of arrays and if one is not careful, he/she may die .

" Father I'm back " I shouted as I drop off the massive tree on one side . I have always been tasked to do simple things like bringing back food or wood as my father get older I naturally have to take over . Old man Lei can be seen sitting on a rock he was roasting some chicken and meat . Xu Jun's appetite is tremendous even in his small structure he is able to eat around 3 large bears on one sitting .

Qiu Lei patted my head and gave me my meal . " son starting tomorrow I will start teaching you a new type of skill ." I was fully concentrated on my meal so I simply nodded after a while we went back inside the cabin . I sat on a custom made couch which my father designed it was very comfortable as it was made with deer skin and chicken feathers. Father is about to tell me another story after all once a week he usually leaves the island and goes away for a trip and when he arrives back he tells me many wonderful stories like how the world out there was very intriguing as there was so much places to go to like America, China, Japan and som much people to interact with , the world might seem safe on the outside but there are massive gangs on the underworld that seems to wreak havoc on the ground and the this so called government which my dad seems to be a waste .

He promised me that once I reached the age of 13 that he will let me travel with him I am awaiting for that day . From that day on my dad started teaching me more killing moves like tracking , how to use weapons of this world , pilot some cars ( my dad actually developed a car himself for me to try ) He also taught me how to control a new ability called flight , but he told me that the other people in this world aren't able to fly so I should limit myself to flying instead he taught me how to teleport he also taught me the knowledge use in this world like math, science, physics english etc , and also medicine . We also spared most of the time he wasn't lenient at all , but I liked it as I was able to quickly develop and who knew several years passed by quickly .

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