1 Expulsion Crisis? the System Activated!

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The Sun gradually rose, and golden rays of light scattered from the sky.

When the city had just woken up, the students at Yael High School had already begun to study hard.

All the students were sitting in the classroom.

Some closed their books and recited vocabularies in low voices, crossing out the words on the list with each word they recited.

Some people lowered their heads and did the test papers, which were filled with densely packed formulas and problem-solving steps.

On the upper right corner of the blackboard, there was a countdown written, and there were still 100 days before the college entrance examination.

The college entrance examination was a turning point in the lives of countless students.

Only by passing the college entrance examination and getting into a famous university would one have the possibility to have a good career the future.

The level of the teaching and administrative team, and the learning atmosphere of a famous university were much better than that of an ordinary schools could not compare to.

For a family, if their children were admitted to a famous school, it would be a matter worthy of showing off.

All the students hoped that they could be admitted to a famous school.

While the students were studying hard, Jon, who was sitting in the corner of the classroom, had a strange expression.

He was a reincarnator. When he woke up, he had reincarnated to this parallel world.

With the influx of memories, Jon figured out his identity in this world.

He was a senior in high school.

His grades were terrible, and he was the last in his class in every exam.

It wasn't that his predecessor didn't work hard.

On the contrary, his predecessor was very eager to study.

Every day in his life, besides eating and sleeping, he was studying.

He listened to the class carefully and finished his homework seriously. He was considered the most diligent student in the class.

Even if he studied hard every day, the results were not good, and his grades did not improve.

Jon finally understood that he did not have any talent in learning in this world.

If his family had the resources, he could become a rich second generation. Then, poor grades were not a big problem.

However, Jon's family background was also very ordinary. His parents were workers and received a meager salary.

Providing tuition for Jon every year was already their greatest ability.

Most of the time, Jon had to think of ways to solve the problem of living expenses.

Therefore, it was unrealistic to rely on the resources of his family to lead a successful life.

He had to pass the college entrance exam to change his life.

There were still five months before the college entrance exam. There was still time.

At this moment, the sound of high heels came from outside the corridor.

Everyone's eyes were on the classroom door, and Jon subconsciously looked up.

A woman stood at the door. She was the class teacher this class, Wendy.

Wendy looked very young. She wore a long black dress that perfectly outlined her sexy figure.

The most eye-catching thing was her beautiful legs.

They were slender and fair, perfect and flawless. They were faintly discernible under the gauze dress, giving people endless reveries.

Her facial features were absolutely beautiful, and her azure blue eyes made it easy for people to fall in love with her.

Wendy's expression was cold, and there was no emotion in her beautiful eyes.

Her entire body exuded a queen-like aura. It was like a thousand-year-old iceberg, and everyone would be hurt by her cold air.

The moment she appeared, everyone felt that the temperature in the classroom seemed to have dropped by several degrees.

The students subconsciously sat up straight, afraid of upsetting Wendy.

Da Da Da Da...

Wendy walked into the classroom in her high heels.

She went straight to Jon's desk and tapped the desk twice with two slender fingers, "Come out for a while."

Considering that the students were in a state of learning, she did not speak very loudly.

But in the quiet classroom, her voice was exceptionally clear.

Everyone's gaze fell on Jon. Everyone was curious as to why Wendy would suddenly call Jon out.

Jon was also a little surprised. Although his grades were not good, he was a well-behaved student in this school and did not violate the school rules.

Why would Wendy suddenly call him by name?

But since she called him, he had to follow her out.

The two of them left the classroom and came to the corridor outside.

Wendy said, "Jon, your grades have always been bad, after a meeting of the school management, you can only be given one last chance."

"If you still don't pass the next mock test, the school will arrange for you to change your study environment."

Jon understood.

His study results were very poor. The school management was afraid that he would affect reputation and enrolment of the school, so they were going to expel him.

Arranging for a change of study environment was just to make the expulsion sound better.

But he was not expelled yet, there was still a mock test.

As long as he passed all the subjects, he could stay.

This requirement was not too harsh. For Yael's students, passing all the subjects was a very low requirement.

For Jon, it was undoubtedly difficult to pass all the subjects in a short period of time.

He roughly recalled his own results. None of the subjects were passed.

Most importantly, the next mock exam was in twenty days.

The subjects Jon was studying now were math, science, history, foreign languages, and national language.

For Jon, he had zero foundation on these subjects.

Even if he were to study like crazy and stay up every night, it would be impossible for him to pass all the subjects.

This level of difficulty was like asking a person to build five tall buildings in twenty days. It was impossible.

It also meant that his expulsion was inevitable.

Jon was a little depressed. He had just reincarnated, and he was about to be expelled from school?

Looking at Jon's depressed expression, Wendy could understand his difficulty.

If he only relied on Jon's ability, he would not be able to pass the mock exam.

Wendy looked cold on the outside, but she was very emotional on the inside.

She knew that Jon's grades were bad, but he had always worked hard and did not give up easily.

It could only be said that Jon's learning talent was too poor.

This reminded Wendy of her own past.

For a moment, she felt some sympathy for Jon.

She said, "I will help you contact the teachers of various subjects and ask them to give you after-school tutoring. As your teachers, we also don't hope that the school will transfer you to a different learning environment when the college entrance examination is around the corner."

"Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Just try your best."

"If you really have to transfer your learning environment, I will also pay your family a visit. I'll tell your parents how hard you work."

Wendy also knew something about Jon's family.

His parents were frugal. They even worked two jobs to send him to school.

They hoped that Jon could get into college and change the fate of poverty.

If Jon was expelled from school, not only would he be sad, but his parents might not be able to accept it.

So Wendy prepared for the worst. She would help Jon and explain it to his family.

Wendy said, "Alright, you can go back."

"Thank you, teacher." Jon turned back to the class.

According to his memory, Wendy had always been a strict teacher.

She had always had a cold face, and the students had never seen her smile.

She was extremely cold and distant from everyone.

He had thought that Wendy was the kind of person who did not care about anything.

He did not expect that she would be able to stand on his side be so considerate for him.

This surprised Jon.

But even if Wendy wanted to help him, it would be difficult for her to hire a subject teacher to tutor Jon.

Because Jon looked at the basics of his predecessor, he did not grasp many of the basic knowledge points of the first year of high school.

If he wanted to tutor, he had to start with the basics.

After twenty days of hard work, he might be able to pass one of the subjects.

However, it was too difficult to pass all the subjects.

"Ding! The Universal Experience System is activating!"

At this moment, a mechanical voice sounded in Jon's mind.

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