My Wish to live a happy life Book

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My Wish to live a happy life


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She is reborn on the day her adopted parents come to pick her up..this time she made her mind that she must protect her parents.and love her big brother.Never to be Willful and hurt them. In her previous life because of her idiocracy and ignorence she hurt them and help her enimes.. But in this life she will make everything ok..and live a simple life without hurting anyone..and work hard to make herself good. In this life she Ashli Luna must live a good life.And make her parents and brother happy... . . . . . Leon Ace is the ceo of world famous Ace technology company.he is a golden bachelor. super handsome and cool.bt he has never been in a relationship.because he hasn't found someone who can make his heart beat until he saw her........ Ashli Luna....The first time he saw her he was intrigue by her....later his gaze always follow her. Unknowingly he was used to follow her and was in deeply in love...... His only goal is to win her heart.pemper her.love her.hold her in the tip of his heart....make her happy...... This is a sweet love story with lots of love and smiles....also family love...


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