1 I was kissed by the silver dragon king at the beginning?


   The ultimate night.

   Xiao Chen sat up slowly.

"Head hurts!"

   At this time, Xiao Chen slowly recalled. He remembered that he was looking at a game map of Douluo Continent before, and suddenly he saw a ray of light appeared on the map, and he appeared here.

   Could it be that I crossed it?

"where is this place?"

   Xiao Chen looked around, and at this moment, he flopped.

   Suddenly, the surrounding flames rose, illuminating the entire space.

   At this time, Xiao Chen discovered that this was a hall. In the hall, there were a few large pillars on which were carved dragon patterns.

   On the wall of the main hall, there are also carved dragon patterns and some gods.

   But Xiao Chen didn't know what these gods were.

   These gods surround a giant dragon, as if dealing with an enemy.

   In the center of the hall, there is a piece of crystal, and a girl is sealed in the crystal.

   a beautiful girl.

   It can be said that Xiao Chen has never seen such a beautiful girl.

   However, these are not the main points.

  The point is! !

   This girl is wearing nothing!

   Yes, she is naked, with long silver hair covering her, covering her twin peaks.

   The long silver hair with crystal texture fell down, she was suspended in the crystal quietly, her eyes closed tightly.

   Two strands of silver wire concealed her in front of her, just concealing the scenery in front of her.

   "Damn hair!" Xiao Chen vomited.

   "But you should be able to see it from the side?" Xiao Chen thought in his heart, and walked around to the girl's side.

   At this time, he stood up.

   suddenly felt something was wrong.

and many more.....

How is this going?

   He found out that the clothes on his body were all one size bigger.

   Your clothes are getting bigger?

   Obviously not, he was looking at himself.

   I became smaller!

Depend on!

   What's the matter, how can I become so small?

   Xiao Chen remembered that he was looking at a game map of Douluo Continent. Suddenly, a white light appeared on the map, and he came here.

   Did you cross?

   Then here is...

   Douluo Continent?

   So who is this girl?

   And why would I become smaller when I cross over?

   Xiao Chen walked slowly to the crystal of the sealing girl, then stretched out his hand and touched it lightly!


   Suddenly, only a few loud noises were heard.

   I saw above the crystal, cracks suddenly appeared.

   "This...what's going on?" Xiao Chen was shocked and took a few steps back.

   Suddenly, there was a loud noise.

   saw the crystal suddenly burst, and the extremely beautiful girl suddenly fell from the crystal and fell in front of Xiao Chen.

   Xiao Chen was shocked, looking at this beautiful girl, shocked.

   "Is this broken?"

   "I didn't mean it, I just touched it lightly and the crystal broke!"

   Xiao Chen explained immediately.

   Xiao Chen looked at Gu Yuena's body, a bit pitiful, so he took off his clothes and put them on Gu Yuena.

   At this moment, the earth began to vibrate, and the whole world turned around, as if the whole hall was about to collapse.

   Xiao Chen's heart was extremely shocked.

   At this time, I saw a hole opened on the top of the hall where Xiao Chen was located.

   "Who broke the seal on the Lord?"

   A loud voice came in from outside.

   Xiao Chen raised his head and took a closer look, only to see a huge vertical eye looking at him.

   That one eye is very huge, just the pupil, it is many times bigger than myself!

   looked at Xiao Chen with upright eyes, and there seemed to be a surprised look in his eyes.

"how is this possible?"

   "The Dragon King Palace is the place where the Lord sleeps. How can human beings appear in the Dragon King Palace?"

   asked the owner of the vertical eye in a puzzled way.

   "You must be an assassin sent by God Realm, I killed you!" the voice preached.

   At this moment, the girl in the crystal slowly woke up. She slowly crawled in front of Xiao Chen, and then climbed onto Xiao Chen's body.

   "Give me...give me, I want..."

   The girl kept talking.

   At this time, Xiao Chen was shocked!

   The vertical eyes outside are even more shocked!

   Both of them looked dumbfounded. Xiao Chen looked at the naked girl and asked, "What do you...what do you want?"

   "I want to eat..." The girl closed her eyes, then lay on Xiao Chen's body, got close to Xiao Chen's mouth, and kissed Xiao Chen.

   Xiao Chen looked dazed.


   Which one is this singing?

   Did I, Xiao Chen, get lucky today? Peach Blossom?

   Not right, I am still a child, the little girl in front of me has such a mediocre chest, she is only a five or six-year-old child!

   At this time, the beautiful girl faced Xiao Chen's mouth, constantly absorbing the breath in Xiao Chen's body.

   To be precise, it should be to absorb soul power.

   looked at all this in surprise, "Master is absorbing this kid's spirit power?"

   The girl kissed Xiao Chen's mouth. Xiao Chen only felt that the power of her body had been sucked in by the girl. At this moment, the silver brilliance immediately covered the girl's body, forming a palace dress that covered the girl's body.

   As if absorbed enough, the girl let go of Xiao Chen.

   looked at Xiao Chen with her beautiful eyes, and said faintly: "It's delicious!"

After    finished speaking, she lay on Xiao Chen's lap and fell asleep.

   At this time, the vertical eyes outside waved.

   Xiao Chen and the young girl's bodies slowly floated out. Only when they got outside, Xiao Chen could clearly see the appearance of the master with vertical eyes.

   That is a western dragon, a dark brown western dragon!

   It has two huge vertical eyes and huge wings on its back. When it moves, the mountains shake and the ground shakes, covering the sky and the sun.

   It seems to be standing, as tall as the tall buildings of Xiao Chen's previous life.

   At this time, Xiao Chen completely confirmed.

   He definitely passed through.

   If he traveled through the world of Douluo Continent, then after adding this giant dragon, this silver-haired girl, Xiao Chen could already guess their identity.

   This is the Douluo Continent, then, this black dragon is the real forest king of the Star Dou Great Forest, Di Tian!

   And this one called the Lord, is the Silver Dragon King, Gu Yuena!

   "Damn, I just looked at the game map of Douluo Continent, do you want to be so amazing!" Xiao Chen complained in his heart.

   At this time, the voice of the dragon came down and asked coldly: "Boy, who are you?"

   "I... my name is Xiao Chen!" Xiao Chen said quickly.

   "Xiao Chen, are you a spy from the God Realm?" The dragon looked at Xiao Chen and asked sharply.

   "The God Realm? What kind of God Realm? I come from the 21st century earth!" Xiao Chen said hastily.

   "Earth? What is that? It seems that you are a spy from the God Realm, I will kill you!" Di Tian said, he was about to do it.

   At this moment, only a small figure stood in front of Xiao Chen. She looked at the dragon with enthusiasm and said, "You are not allowed to hurt him!"

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