3 Husbando Overlord

Chapter 3: Husbando Overlord!

"This is our house. You can only step in because of Minmin!" Yuna glared at her younger sister before going to the bathroom.

"Sister... I need a bathroom more!" Bei cried as her clothes and hair were quite a mess! She tried to open the door, but these were closed, and bumping her fist a few times wasn't enough!

She dropped again, "Goddamnit fuck.."

"If it's hair, I can comb it," Minato said, "In the end, you are my wife's sister. I can take care of you despite how vulgar you are. I might even teach you some manners." He chuckled and invited Bei to the mirror.

She narrowed her eyes at him, then followed without saying anything.

Her expression betrayed her thoughts, and Minato read that she looked down on him. How could a mere mortal teach her some manners?

Minato had an easy plan!

"Our first meeting was quite chaotic, but I remember your words well," Minato said while his hand gently raised Bei's black hair.

She had a smooth and silky one, and it felt good in touch.

He didn't dare to reveal those thoughts and promptly combed her hair. Her hair was long, longer than Yuna's, whose blonde hair was half-back long.

This vulgar lady's hair probably reached her bottom, and it allowed her to have the husband for the longest time out of all her sisters!

"What words?" Bei asked with her eyes closed.

"Well... Didn't you ask me how Yuna could be with someone like me?" Minato faintly smiled.

"I did, but I didn't have a whole picture of you! Now that I saw how my elder sister conducts herself around you, I know this is nothing but pure love. Fuck! Are you pleased?! I've accepted you this easily! Consider it an honor." Bei smirked.

Minato saw it in the mirror, "Hmmm..."

He silently combed her hair, then suddenly stopped.

Bei opened her eyes, "Why did you stop?" Frankly, it felt better than her sisters and all maids combing.

She had never allowed any man to touch her except her father, and he combed her hair a few times when she was a little.

Thus, she blamed gender and not the husband's skill!

Bei peered into the mirror, and she saw Minato smirking back at her, "That's because you cursed. We are going to have a short break. Of course, we stop after Yuna leaves the bathroom."

"W-Wait a second! Elder Sister will pull my hair out of spite! How can you stop mid-way, though? That's not so manly!" Bei tried to bargain with another gender topic, but she failed miserably.

Minato shrugged and turned around.

"I won't curse again! Make this break short!" Bei clenched her hand and raised her voice.

A faint crack snapped on the mirror, and Minato gulped down. Indeed, the person below him was a woman who used magic!

He smiled and said, "This short is enough. Well, I used to take care of a lot of hairs in the orphanage if you are curious about my skills."

"Orphanage? You are an orphan?" Bei asked without any ill-thoughts behind her voice.

Minato nodded, "Indeed. I have never seen my parents. That's why I won't let anyone from your family separate me from Yuna." He chuckled and shared a secret, "I never believed in love, but that was love at first sight. And that's how it is."

"Hmph, you are lucky twat," Bei said, "You probably lusted after my elder sister's appearance- Wait! Why did you stop?"

She asked him with pure eyes.

Minato looked at her oddly, "You don't even know when you curse?"


At last, Yuna left the bathroom.


"Since Bei has confined herself in a bathroom, I will tell you a secret, Minmin!" Yuna cheerfully hugged her husband's arm.

Her golden eyes opened and added, "My psychique has been nurturing your body ever since our honeymoon!"

"Is it normal for your psychique, or is it that... convenient?" Minato lacked a few words and understanding, but he managed to ask a good question.

His wife smirked, "It's the same for everyone with either pure bloodline or unique power. You know this is the nature of the world and its inhabitants. However, it's a powerful ability that can make armies, so it has been limited to pure bloodlines and other extravagant powers by the universe itself! Hehe! Your wife is strong, so you can leverage me!"

She became a little teacher as her finger rose up, "It's particularly important to pick your partners! A bad match-up can lead to terrifying consequences! Unfortunately, not every race is meant for each other. In our case, Minmin is human, so he can easily adapt to any ability my psychique has given to you.

Let's check it now!" Yuna clenched her hands, then promptly put her hands on her husband's cheeks.

He had received ability from her through intercourse, and Yuna unsealed his power in a lewd way, which was a kiss.

Indeed, his wife had sealed his power on their honeymoon.

That was for the sake of their normal life.

It mattered not now, and Yuna excitedly brought out her husband's power!

"There should be a rune somewhere. Remember the tattoo on my shoulder? That's my psychique rune. As for Minmin..." Yuna didn't need time to find her husband's rune.

She pushed his shirt up and found a rune on his stomach!

"I can't read it!" Alas, the first problem came! It was a rune Yuna couldn't read!

"It's fine!" she said! "I don't know it, so it has to be a strong one! It has to be... It has to be..." Yuna whispered two times in the end.

Minato chuckled, "It's a rune I've received from you. I won't hate it no matter how it turns out. And whether it is useless or not, I will find a way to make it useful. That's a rune my beloved wife has given to me, right?"

"Yes!" Yuna burst out with laughter, but tears also flowed down.

She had been so emotional due to the reveal of her background and Minato's resolution! Although it sounded impossible, she was ready to support him on his new path. She wanted everything to go as smoothly as possible.

Minato felt the same, and he rubbed his rune...

Then he disappeared!

"Minmin?! Minmin!" Yuna shrieked out of fear and waved her hand.

Alas, she couldn't touch her husband!


"Where am I?" Minato asked himself.

He found himself in a barren land!

That land had nothing other than rough ground. He moved his eyes around to look for something, and behind, Minato noticed a vertical pillar. It was a pillar with a few holes within, but it gave off a powerful aura.

From behind the pillar, a petite lady popped out.

She looked like a kid with long hair that distinguished her from others. She really had long hair that followed her on the ground!

Her eyes rose, and she said, "You are finally here! Welcome to your world, Husbando Overlord!"

"Husbando... Overlord?" Minato repeated in disbelief.

"Yes! All I know about you is that you are a good husband, so you are Husbando Overlord! I am your spirit, a thirty thousand-year-old royal spirit, who will help you take care of this world! This world is your power and future!" A spirit explained.

"If you are that old... then why are you so small?" Minato asked.

"Well, I don't know? It's probably because you are weak, but fear not! I know how to exert pressure!" She said, then raised her hand. Out of nowhere, sunglasses appeared in her tiny hands, and she yanked those.

Then she put those on her little nose, and her chin rose, "You need something, boya?"

"Pfff!" Minato burst out laughing as she was too cute and funny!

He stopped laughing after those fell from a spirit's nose!

She asked, "Ask me anything you want!"

"What's your name?" Minato asked the first question.

"Oh, I don't have one. You must name me," A spirit bowed like a servant.

"Then you will be Aya from now on," Minato pondered, then named his spirit.

"I got you, boya!" A spirit giggled as she had taken a liking to her name already.

Minato unconsciously smiled as well, then asked, "So how does that Husband Overlord work?"

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