51 Perfect time

Once outside, Gary found it easier to distinguish between the two different Forced Bond Markings. Although both of them were red in colour, each one gave off a slightly different scent.

The closer he got to one of those that were marked, the darker the colour of the mist would get. It made Gary wonder if there was a limit to his Marking. Perhaps once he was far enough away the red mist would completely disappear, but even in his own home he could still see all three Marks.

His dark hood was covering his head, but he had no time to replenish the Energy he had lost so far from using Charging Heart twice and the general Energy he had used up rushing home and trying to catch up to Gil in the first place.

[88/110 Energy]

‘The grey colour gang shouldn’t stray too far from their territory, but they’ll probably want to head into a more residential area.’

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