102 Fading

Gary truly felt like his body had become a bottomless pit as no matter how much he ate, his hunger didn’t seem to get satisfied. On the plus side, he discovered that with his sharp teeth and string jaws there had been no need for him to worry about bones.

After each bite he could feel the human flesh energise his body in unique ways, and after a while had passed, all the bodies had disappeared. Alas, his supernatural devouring turned out to be limited to flesh. Once Hawk’s hand had disappeared, Gary had tried to bite down on the cloth, yet to his surprise he had found it hard to swallow, forcing him to strip all of the bodies naked.

Leaving the karaoke room, the high schooler quickly searched for the cameras. Fortunately, all of them had already been turned around, which was a huge relief since he wasn’t exactly a whiz-kid with technology. The teenager wouldn’t even have known where to start if he might have needed to delete some evidence.

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