1 Chapter 1 Introduction, part 1.

'You don't know what pain is until you're staring at the mirror with tears in your eyes, begging yourself to hold on and stay strong.'





"Yes, come in" answered a beagle headed dog-like man dressed in a black blazer.

The door opened in a creaking manner as a slender man with black, hanging wavy hair entered the room. The man carried a Juzo media tag around his neck.

" Hello chief Kenji, have you prepared the documents?" The wavy-haired man asked. Chief of police Kenji Tsuragamae just simply nodded."Takeo, this is supposed to be private. If the media or the people knew it, the hero society would certainly face defamation, especially from the Raa supporters." The beagle headed man warned the photographer before handing him the papers. Takeo Tokuda slowly scrolled through the ss rank classified file on the villain Raa, or Kirigaya Soren. As he kept reading the papers, he kept reading after and faster while clenching the papers to the point where they turned into pieces.

"Is this for real?" Takeo asked. He couldn't believe it. 'I always wondered what had changed that man into that monster. The least I could do is to honour my promise to him.' he finally released the papers he had taken with the camera, all while recording the nodding Police chief. The chief hasn't the slightest clue of the pandemonium he was going to cause. Takeo walked out of the room slumped and mentally scarred. Any human in the place of Soren would definitely crack before Soren did.

Outside of the Police station.

The entire world knew of Soren and his crimes. His worshippers all knew that the man had died, but still carried on his legacy of helping people. The world criticized them, but no one except 6 of them really knew Soren well. Yet they all support him and will continue to do so until their generation and the generation after does too, that was the type of charm that he personally had.

Yet today, Juzo news had notified everyone in the world news about Soren. From 1:30 pm to 2:45, Juzo media had an overwhelming 5.630789067 billion people listening to the channel listening to the news, and nearly 7 billion people mourned the unfair life of The vigilante hero Killer, Raa.

The new 2nd year students grieved the death of their sensei, but none of them cried but smiled instead, they had promised that they wouldn't. All might himself regretted killing the man. He was magnificent even if the world treated him as such.

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