68 Guilty People Run

Unknown to the students at the school there was currently chaos going on between the upper staff.

Fay one of the sergeants of the school was walking down the hallway at incredible speed. Even though she was only walking, she was causing gusts of wind to hit the students as she walked past them.

Using her ability even her walking speed was faster than most people's top running speed. Eventually, she had arrived at her destination.

A single wooden door in the first-year building which had a sign out front saying the words "General." On it.

"May I come in sir!" Fay said in a loud demanding voice.

"Sure," Nathan replied.

Fay barged the door open and quickly zoomed to Nathan's desk, the wind that came along with her caused papers to be flown and scattered all over the room.

"Hey, I was nearly done with that!" Nathan shouted.

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