87 Are you scared?

Around ten minutes had passed since Vorden had last heard Quinn say anything. But he preferred this over the screaming Quinn. Before he felt like at any second, a rampage might start-up from him, but right now, he was relaxed and no longer had his handheld up holding the door.

He lent up against the door with his back propped up against it.

"Hey, what are we still doing here?" Raten asked. "Any second now that guy could be eating us, I don't understand."

"But he isn't, is he?" Vorden replied, "Do you think he couldn't have eaten us just now, to be honest, I don't even think me holding up the door with my ability would have been enough to stop him." He then lifted his hand across his chest; the wound had dried up and was starting to scab over.

Then, movement from the other side of the door was heard as Quinn started to lift himself up from the ground.

"Vorden, you still there?" Quinn asked.

"Yeah, I'm here. You alright now?"

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