62 A Hacker

Nate continued to observe Quinn and his fighting style and wondered just why he didn't fight the same as when he fought against him. Quinn repeatedly went into match after match and would only go up against level ones.

It was clear to Nate that he had purposely set the system up this way, now some players would do this if they perhaps were trying out something new but from watching Quinn, all he could see was Quinn doing the same thing over and over.

He would enter into a game and them immediately dash in either using a barrage of the red line attacks of his or a furry of punches not caring whether he got hurt or not. It was clear he was beating them with pure strength and trying to win the matches as quickly as possible.

Unknown to Nate though, Quinn was purposely doing this, he didn't have much time left between now and when he was to go out on to his portal training. So the only thing Quinn could do, was grind a few levels to get stronger using the system.

Finally, thirty minutes had passed and Quinn himself was growing tired of repeating the same thing over and over again. The only thing that kept him going was seeing his experience go up little by little. That's when Quinn noticed that he had a spectator.

Nate who was sat in the seats gave a wave back.

"Oh it's him, I wonder what he's doing here?"

Then a thought came to Quinn's mind, the fact that Nate was watching gave him the chance to ask him something. He then went onto the game system and sent out a part invite to Nate.

At first, Nate was just panning to spectate and watch Quinn play a few games, he wanted to study Quinn a bit more before asking him to another duel. But when he saw the party invite, he was quite surprised.

The game only allowed for one on one battles so the party invite feature was only really used between teammates for practising or if they wanted to chat and were far away. In the end, Nate was too curious and wanted to know what Quinn wanted and decided to accept.

The arena ground disappeared and now Nate and Quinn wherein a single white room once again.

"Hey, how you doing I hope you're not planning some type of revenge are you?" Nate said as he proceeded cautiously towards Quinn.

"No actually I wanted to ask you something, the person who I fought with before, your friend, I wanted to know more about his cape and where he had received it from."

"Oh Sam's cape, that's why you wanted to talk to me" Nate then looked at Quinn standing in front of him. On his hands, he wore his gauntlets. That's when Nate suddenly realised something, the gauntlets that Quinn were using looked horrible. They must have been only at the basic tier.

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"Wait a minute, are you a first-year?" Nate said.

"Err yeah, I will be going on my first portal outing, I thought if you could tell me what type of beast you got it from, I would be able to look for it."

Nate was suddenly a little surprised, he went back and thought to how Quinn was able to damage his solid body even though no one had done such a feat before. He was sure the person would have at least been a second year.

"Let me give you a piece of advice then, on your first outing they always use the green portals, you have the chance of going to one of three places. Caladi, Almpin and Bartnee. Out of these three planets, you want to go to Caladi, there in the desert, there is a winged creature. I can't remember the name of the winged creature but there aren't many in the desert so I'm sure if you see one that will be it. That beast core is what we made the cape out of."

"Wait did you say, a desert?" Quinn asked.

"Yeah, what's wrong with that?"

Usually, the word desert meant the place came with heat, the idea of having to journey through that, Quinn was starting to get tired just thinking about it.

"Nothing don't worry, thank you so much for the information you have been a big help. I'm going to play a few more games now before my times up."

"Oh, sure go ahead, do you mind if I watch?" Nate asked.

Quinn thought about it for a while, if he didn't want to let Nate watch all he had to do was block him or delete him of his friend's list, but at the same time, Quinn felt like there was no problem.

He was just fighting people, it wasn't like he was doing anything that suggested he was a vampire and it was likely that Nate wasn't even from the same school as him.

"Sure go ahead."

Quinn only had twenty minutes left inside the machine and using his remaining time, Quinn chose to use the Quick match function on the game. Matching him with random power levels who chose the same option.

This half of his session would be used to practice his fighting skills. In the remaining twenty minutes, Quinn was able to have two more games. His first match he was against a level four user, who had a transformation ability.

His body was made of a rubber-like material and he was able to stretch it as far as he liked. Quinn struggled against this opponent, the fighting style of the rubber man was strange and when Quinn wasn't expecting it, he would be hit at an incredible speed. In the end, Quinn managed to get a few blood swipes in and hurt the man but still ended up losing.

The next match there was much more success as he was matched up against a level two user who had a hardening skill similar to Nate only weaker. He had an easier time dealing with this opponent as his Blood wipe deal damage as well as his regular attacks.

In the end though, Quinn decided to take the match just a serious as the others and ended up finishing it with a hammer strike.

< 195/800 >

With that Quinn's time in the game was up and he had to leave.

Nate after watching Quinn for the whole time had a strange thought lingering on his mind, just what was Quinn's ability? After their battle Nate had decided to check out the ability list to see if there was anything similar and he could find no such thing.

The other thing was it seemed like all Quinn could do was shoot out red lines, which would suggest either the ability he had at the moment was incredibly weak or he was currently a low level.

What Quinn didn't realise though that all the opponents he had faced that day were thinking the same thing as Nate. They were wondering just what ability Quinn had.

The hardening user Quinn had just fought against was so frustrated with his loss, he decided to go onto the online forums and make a post. He shared a video of the match between himself and Quinn titled. "What ability is this? Is he a hacker?"


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