1 Graduation Ceremony

Her name is Shanell Williams, she has a fair skin tone, her eyes are hazel and have long lashes, her hair is black and it is long up to her waist. She doesn't have a perfect figure. But she looks cute and pretty. She studied in a famous boarding school in L country. Her father Mr Williams Van is a very powerful and wealthy business man and her mother Jiya Mason is a prestigious lady from an upper class family. She has a younger brother Shane Williams or I could say the "HEIR" of her beloved father's business, who is actually the only one who cared about her feelings and that's why she loved him very much. And today is the day she graduates from her high school. In the morning she was nervous, not because of the graduation, but her entire family would be there for her graduation, and she clearly didn't expect that.

Her dorm room, which is the biggest room in this entire dorm, she decorated it herself. She has a book shelf at one of the corner of the room with various books of different genres, a king-sized bed with a feather filled mattress in the center of the room, a chair and a table on which there is a small flower vase with fresh flowers and some random textbooks, a table lamp in the middle of the table, a laptop and a pen case as well. She has a small refrigerator near her bed, a fireplace and also a wardrobe near the door of the washroom. One of the walls of the room was filled with some portraits which she liked most and there is a wall mirror as well. There is a large window near the door which opens to the balcony. It is a room which is bright and nice, she probably got this room just because of her father's influence in the political and business field, since no one wanted to offend her father. She went inside the washroom and took a shower and came out and pulled out her graduation dress from her closet. She stood before the mirror and put on the dress, a little make up not much but just the right amount. Shanell looked in the mirror once more, her expression on the reflection told that she is satisfied with the make up and her looks. So she didn't waste anymore time and decided to go to her friends who were waiting for her to come.

At the corridor of the school

She was chatting with her friends, she didn't have many friends just a few, and she really liked them a lot. After a few minutes of chat with her friends, her nervousness vanished into thin air.

When the time for graduation ceremony came, she went to the ceremony hall with her friends, and she saw her father and mother along with her younger brother were seated at the front row. Without getting noticed by her friends she went to them, she greeted her parents and hugged her brother. It's been so long that she hugged him, so she wanted to be held like that by him for a moment. After that she went to her friends and classmates who were sitting in the arranged seats for them, as the ceremony was starting.

After some speeches given by our headmaster and the guest they started to give the graduation certificate to the students one by one. When her name was called she went to the stage and accepted her graduation certificate then looked at her parents and saw the looks on their faces, they were looking very proud of her.

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She was a nerd, when it comes to studies, graduating from high school was like a piece of cake for her. After receiving her certificate she went straight to her parents, and they congratulated her. After a moment they said that they are not going to stay for the after party, and she has to get home by herself, they will arrange her favorite butler Mr Zen who is at his forty's to come pick her up from her dorm by the end of the day. She felt some heaviness in her heart but still she nodded her head and replied.

"Yes dad, I will be home by the end of the day."

After making some calls her parents went to see the headmaster to say goodbye, and then they left. Her brother didn't want to leave but her mother insisted, so he went along with them. She felt alone, she wanted them to stay with her, but she knew that was not going to happen. She stood there and watched them walking away until her vision was blurred due to the tears formed in them.

"Shan, what are you doing here come let's go to the party."

One of her best friend, Veronica called her. She was startled because she was in deep thought and didn't know what's happening in the surrounding. She went with Veronica to the party and the rest of the evening went by.

When she returned to her dorm room Mr. Zen was already there with a maid and her bags are packed. She went in to the dorm room for one last time and a tear started rolling down her cheek. She checked if anything is left behind or not. Then she went with Mr. Zen who is leading her way to the luxurious car parked outside the dorm.

Mr. Zen opened the backseat passenger door for her to enter, and she got into the backseat, Mr Zen waved to the maid to get in the car then went to front passenger seat. The driver started the engine and then the car slowly left the school premises.

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