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My Unexpected Beast


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Book 1 in the unexpected series Tori is your typical high school student she has a best friend and makes straight A's. But Tori has a secret that's unlike any other high school student that goes to her school. The thing about Tori is that she doesnt take crap and if you tell her she cant do something she will do anything to prove you wrong even if it kills her. Or she'll just have her pet wolf winter kill you. what happens when Tori meets her match which so happens he's a mafia boss. Will things get hot and heavy between Tori and her new love or will they become as cliche as the love stories Tori's best friend Ryan makes her watch. ~ "I'll be your beauty"i say standing up and walking towards him roughly pulling his collar"if you be my beast"i say whispering into his ear seductively. The boys look over at us confused as to what were talking about. Soon shadow man wraps his hand around my waist"you don't have a choice"he says seductively against my ear I wrap my arms around his neck and smile"oh believe me I always have a choice and I always do and get what I want"i tell him and before he responds I smash my lips on to his. He seemed surprised but just before he kissed me back I backed away from him while smirking. "I always get what I want it's my way or no way, beast"i tell him while smiling. this is my book do not copy please and thank you.


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