193 Heirloom 5

As they got out of the underground city, Shinobu saw her parents and exclaimed. "Mom! Dad!"

Her parents directly approached her, and her father said. "I'm glad that you're safe!"

Then her mother looked at Kyle who was carrying Eve and said. "Shinobu...is this person…?"

Shinobu nodded and replied. "Yes, mom he's the God we worship for years. The God of delivery."

After they heard her word, they immediately kneeled in front of him, then they started praying. "O God, we are blessed by your presence…"

Before they could say more, he instantly cut them off and said, "Okay stop, don't say anything about that anymore, it makes me feel goosebumps, it doesn't make me happy at all."

"Ah..? But…" Shinobu's father was surprised by his sentence, he didn't think that their God would make them shut up.

"No buts, if a possible act like you usually do." He said.

Hearing that, Shinobu's parents misunderstood, all of sudden they cried, and said, "So, this is our God..he's humble, we are blessed to have a kind, God."

They started praying once again, seeing them pray Kyle's face started twitching, he said. "You know what screw it, do whatever you want."

After they finished their prayers, Shinobu's father asked him politely. "God, may I ask you something?"

"Go on." He said.

"That girl behind you...is she your?" 

Before Kyle could answer, Eve spoke. "He's my daddy."

Hearing that, he thought. 'As expected! She's really our God's daughter!' 

No wonder, this girls appearance was something out of this world, her cuteness was something that shouldn't be possible, but since she's the daughter of their God, that one of a kind appearance made since, after all, only a God could have such appearance, if it wasn't for the fact that, he's in the presence of their God, he couldn't have stopped himself from hugging Eve.

While Shinobu's mother, couldn't stop staring at Eve, her current appearance was like a beast trying to devour its prey, since she's a female, naturally, she adores cute things, like her husband, the only thing that stops her from going after Eve was the fact that she's their God's daughter, so she stopped her desire to touch or cuddle Eve.

Shinobu on the other hand, understood her mother because she feels the same, she desired to cuddle Eve more than anyone else.

As for Eve, this was the first time that she saw many living beings in one place, she couldn't help but observe them, and one particular guard who saw her looking at him, couldn't help but shiver as he saw her eyes, it's like he was being stripped naked by Eve's gaze, he felt like all of his deepest secret was exposed in front of Eve.

A second later, Eve stops staring at the guard, as if she was done with him, and she switches her target, because she's done looking at the former guard, she already knows everything about the previous guard.

Kyle noticed this particular action of Eve, however, he didn't stop her because there's no way he could, blocking her eyes is one thing, but he didn't like that idea, after all, she just opened her eyes a while ago, how could he have the heart to stop her from looking, that's cruel.

Ignoring that issue, he suddenly thought of the heirloom, when he activated his divine sense, he was sure that he didn't see any sort of weapon, only buildings, Eve's incubator, and some stuff, so he guessed that the Shinobu and his first believers couldn't get inside the underground city, so the heirloom should be outside.

"You guys have you seen the heirloom around here?" He asked just in case if they saw it, and if they didn't he would use his divine sense to look for it.

Shinobu's father said. "I don't think I have seen it.."

"Yeah, same here forgive us, God."

Kyle was expecting this answer, after all this place was too big and dark, they probably didn't have the time to look around, because judging from what he could see, they probably rushed to get here.

Suddenly someone said, "I-i think I saw it..!"

Then everyone shifted their attention toward the person who claimed that they saw it, as he saw the person who claimed that they saw it, he couldn't help but say. "Kanae?" 

"A-ah? Y-yes that's me.." Kanae was surprised for a moment, but when she thought about his identity, it made sense that he knew her, after all, he's a God.

Kyle approached her, then he observed her from head to toe while touching his chin, he said. "You and Shinobu look the same as your great grandparents, it's like you guys are the exact carbon copy of them."

"Umm...my parents do say that a lot, not just to me but also Shinobu…" It wasn't a surprise that he knew their grandparents since he's a God, she thought. 'I wonder how old he is?'

However, she would never guess that their God is actually younger than her, who is a university student.

"Is that so? Anyway, it might not be a good time, but it's nice meeting you in real life."

"Huh? W-what do you mean?" Kanae was confused, but what he meant.

"Well, it does make sense that you don't recognize me, anyway what about this does the username Kai-kun ring a bell?" He said with a smile.

"Kai-kun..? Ah! Yours Kai-kun?!" Kanae was shocked knowing that the person from her group chat was actually their God?! 

Then she remembered their conversation before, her face slowly became pale, she realized that she had been rude to him, she quickly said. "I-i'm s-sorry! I didn't kn-"

Before she could finish her sentence, Kyle cut her off and said. "I don't mind, it's not a big deal it would be great if you could treat me the same as you did in the group chat."

"H-how could I?!"

"Well, if you can't then do whatever you want but I prefer someone who can treat me normally." He was serious about treating him like normal, but if they can't he'll let them be since he is aware how much of a big deal is a God to mortals.

Kanae didn't know what to do, she was hesitant if she would act polite or just treat their God as a normal friend, suddenly her cousin approached her and whispered something in her ear.

After that, Kanae closed her eyes and said, "I understand."

Then she looked at Kyle and said, "Alright, then I'll treat you like a normal friend, so ask for this so don't blame me."

She was still a bit uncomfortable treating their God as a normal person.

Kyle smiled at her and said. "Nice, you don't have to worry about that now where did you see the heirloom?"

"It's right over there." Kanae pointed behind her.

Then he approached that direction and he saw a katana that was struck in the boulder, he thought. 'As expected, the weapon is a katana, though why do they have to put it into a boulder? This isn't Excalibur.'

Then he took the katana with his right hand, and suddenly the system rang.

[ You have obtained ( Mithril Katana )! ]

"Huh? Mithril? How the hell did they even get such fantasy-like material on earth? I thought this material is only available in some other world, not here." After he got the katana, he put it inside his space inventory.

Honestly, he had so many weapons that are currently inside his space inventory, yet he never really used them, because he had never been in a situation where he needed these weapons, the last time he used them was a long time ago.

Now that he has finished his business here, it is time for him to go back with the others. "Alright people, it's time for me to go."

Hearing that, everyone was surprised, especially Shinobu's parents. 

"God, are you not staying in the shrine?" Shinobu's father asked.

"No, who said I was?"

"I...but.." He had a point, he never said that he'd stay to begin, it was only them thinking that he'd stay.

"But don't worry about me disappearing for a hundred years or more, Shinobu knows where to find me, anyway I'm going." Without waiting for their reply, he teleported and left.

Everyone was silent for a moment, but it was broken by Shinobu's mother. "Daughter, do you truly know where to find him?"

"W-well yeah? I guess? I mean the mansion you bought for me was just right next to his house." Shinobu said, now that he remembered it, what a strange coincidence.

"So wait, you were neighbors with our God?" Shinobu's father said with surprise.

"Yeah, at that time I had no idea that he was the God of Delivery, oh yeah we also went on a tour around Tokyo the next day after I arrived in Tokyo." 

"Daughter, let me know every single detail about that tour with our God." After that. Shinobu started explaining the tour with Kyle back in Tokyo.


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