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My Twelve To Eighteen


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St. Chris Academy of Edge Warriors is one of the most renowned schools of the country.The speciality of this school is the is diversity of thoughts. There are students who have big dreams to achieve but don't know how to work for them(the lazy but creative ones) and the students who don't have any dream but they know they'll always win(the confident and intellectual ones)Like any other school here toppers are kept on the top of the pedestal.. below average students don't care about the pedestal and the average students.. nobody cares about them. There are four prominent societies in this school- The Achievers- For students with great academic skills The Melodist- For students passionate for music and singing. The Moonwalker- For students with smooth moves. The Herculeans- For students who are the atheletes of this school. A student can only be a part of any of these societies if the department of educators/teachers think so.( FAVOURITISM PLAYS A VITAL ROLE HERE)If they think a student has nice dancing skills irrespective of the choice of that student he'll have to be in the Moonwalkers league.Which means impression on teachers is something which will decide the student's worth in this school And impression comes by performance... From Friends to Love And Love to Friends everything is impossible and unexpected in this age and that's what makes it more exciting and painful too. This story is about- Rivka Newton(a non love believer) Called by her friends as Rin, is a lazy but creative and deep thinker girl. She is an average student by her marks but Rin doesn't believe because she loves to grab knowledge from things around her and has more creative approach. She is chill and not so girly girl.Doesn't believe in love but loves the people in her life. She joins this school when she is 12 years old in 6th standard after her father died due to heart disease.Here,You'll eventually visualise how friendship works...how feelings begin...how hate works...and how love works in her exciting life. 'Her life changes' when she meets the one who 'changes her life'. Ander Griffin Good looking one of the most wanted student of school..is a topper student.. teachers favourite...love is nothing for him but attraction..he is passionate about his studies..his marks..his image...and has a winning attitude..and a bit of ego. She made a lot of true friendships which she never forgot. Demi Roberts- school buddy Gracie Dawson- on the way to school partner Sophia Smith- her philosophy friend Kate Miller- her love agency partner. *a lot of important characters involved will be introduced in the mid of the story. Rin thinks being strong means no weep no cry and if her tears could come out for anyone that is just for her father .She hates being in relationships..hates love because all her father taught her was to fight.But for a 12 year old thoughts can be moulded by self experience. Life becomes a roller coaster ride for her and at the end she being the winner still looses the game.


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