1 To Kim Namjoon

Dear rapmonssi,

October 5th 2018 will always be embedded in my heart for eternity. Wise men say everything that happens, happens for some good bunch of reasons and i cant deny this fact, never.

Back then, I was oblivious of everything, my life was mundane, lets say i wasnt happy at all with what was going on in my life. Nothing was good and i didnt expect anything good to happen out of the blue because i always felt expectations would bruise me the most.

Also, do you know my friends are always irrational and illogical, well..until the date i mentioned earlier. I got an immense feeling, for the first time, when my zee best friends mentioned your name and i fell in love with you.

Kim Namjoon, better known as RM, a South korean rapper, a songwriter and a record producer, a leader in the South Korean boy band BTS who thrived under Bighit entertainment is a complete good damn package of goodness. An epitome of divineness. No other appealing words in the world can ever describe how much respect i have for you.

Above all the things you ever made me feel, personally hear my soul speak today.

I deeply thank you from the deepest core of my heart for helping me realise my ultimate dream in life, for teaching me to smile often, for giving me reasons to love myself a little more everyday, for helping me to accept myself with all the perfect imperfections, for letting me be me, for making me gleam, for making me feel loved and for making me work hard for what i long for. I honestly am indebted to you for all that you have ever done for me. So for that, Thank you idol.

What you have done for me is beyond infinity and theres no words of gratefullness yet invented that wholly encapsulates how you make me feel. You made such good songs and all of your songs always takes my hand, put its arms around me and i feel i am home. That feeling is something magic in itself. The feeling of being embraced .

This world doesnt deserve you at all. You are so humble and down to earth that i feel it would take a great person to deserve you. If i can do anything for you it would be to pray for your happiness. I pray you to have harmony and prosperity in every step that you take in life. I pray you find good in everything and good find you. Please dont stress on yourself so much. You are my world and i do not want to see my world getting devastated. I know you will take care of yourself. Dont forget to take care of the other members. Please never let the bromance wither and dwindle because this caring trait is what i utterly stan and adore about you.

To you I'll always just be another fan but to me you'll always be my world. I purple you.


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