My Three Obsessive Magnate Husbands Are Infatuated With My Beauty

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What is My Three Obsessive Magnate Husbands Are Infatuated With My Beauty

Read ‘My Three Obsessive Magnate Husbands Are Infatuated With My Beauty’ Online for Free, written by the author Purple_Fantasies74, This book is a Contemporary Romance Novel, covering R18 Fiction, COMEDY Light Novel, SLICEOFLIFE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Mei Xing navigates the treacherous waters of marriage, she discovers hidden depths within herself and her husbands. Each...


Mei Xing navigates the treacherous waters of marriage, she discovers hidden depths within herself and her husbands. Each of them has their own secrets, their own desires, and their own reasons for being drawn to her. But as time goes on, Mei Xing finds herself torn between her past and her present. Rex, her childhood love, resurfaces, begging for a second chance. Will Mei Xing give in to the allure of a familiar love, or will she stay true to her three doting husbands? In a world where power, wealth, and desire collide, Mei Xing must make choices that will shape her future. With each decision, the stakes get higher, and the consequences become more dire. Can Mei Xing navigate the dangerous game of love and power, or will she be consumed by the very passion that once ignited her? This is my very first book, Please don't expect perfection but it will be better if you watch as the book develops so rapidly with your nice support.

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Please support this book purple fantasies begs for your constant support of this new book she will try her best to make sure you love her work....I will be forever grateful for this 🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


I guess this is to my liking. This book is better than hundreds of books out there but isn't the best (since not many chapter have been uploaded) but has potential to be the best. Adios


Doting hubbies, face slapping + strong FL? All of my favorites in one story 😍 Tbh, I'm not a fan of harem but this story compelled me to read because it's interesting. Plot development is good too! Keep up the good work author 👌


Not bad, writing quality isn’t the best but not the worse. Still readable and enjoyable though.




I love reverse harem so much, I really appreciate the author knowledge in this book and Mei xing our protagonist is perfect, she is really perfect for a lady🎉❤️💕


The story is very interesting qnd has great potential but it needs a good polishing. A diamond in the rough[img=Loving it][img=Loving it][img=More pls]


I too want to be doted by three wealthy husbands. the words written by the author are direct to the point and i personally like the fact that the names are short enough for the readers to memorize the name. it's a nice story, definitely worth recommending ♥️


Author purple 💜💜. You really deserve all it takes to be a good writer.... please try and upload more chapter thanks 👍👍👍👍👍👍💕❤️💜...............


It's interesting from the start, but I wanted to point out a few grammatical errors in some paragraphs. However, it remains readable. Keep up the good work, author-san! I hope you'll upload more!!(⁠灬⁠º⁠‿⁠º⁠灬⁠)⁠♡


Three husbands one wife! This is a must read. Every page just makes me want more


Reveal spoiler


Hi Purple. I read the first chapter of your book and I have to say your plot is interesting. Your take on romance from the perspective of having been with three husband's is indeed unique and draws the reader to want to find to go deeper into the story. However you tend to overdescribe and throw in what others might term jaw breakers, words such as phlegmatic and haboob climatic condition. Keep the language simple it will enhance readers enjoyment as they will be easily able to follow as well as get carried along in the unfolding story. Otherwise you did a fantastic job.


Okay, I don't really read harem books, not to speak of reverse harems. But, this instantly grabbed by attention.From The first chapter and all, the characters. Oh and Mei Ling.😍lovvve herrr.The ‘abandoned’ part got me unexpected 😂😂Thank God her name was changed.The writing quality is top notch.Sis, you're talented. Keep updating, or else I'll bug you🙃This book is a must read! highly recommend😍❤️


three husbands, are you serious? 😁😁😁 it's such a lot of fun. I'll read it, this kind of story I've never come across before. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Three contract husbands!!!! The title had me glued to reading the book. I love female-lead books. You have set the pace and kept the story interesting. I want to see how it unfolds. Congratulations Author. Cheers and good luck.


Wow this book is really interesting and I love the reverse harem setting so if you are not reading this book, it means you are really missing 💕


Wow this book is my best, I really love the idea of this novel...and it Reverse harem romance. It is really captivating and interesting ❤️❤️❤️


It's really interesting and my favorite hubby is the last born (sorry am not good at remembering names). One particular name I find funny that actually stuck is pui pui! So funny 🤣.Overall the novel's is a great read and I can't wait for more chapters of Ming li and her hubbies 😏. Keep it coming author!


Author purple....I really love your writing style keep going and your book have the potential to be the best reverse harem novel of all time


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