1 September 30, 2020.

start 1:22am - hitsugi

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this 'book' is just going to be what I want to put out. plus I was starting to get bored.

ok, now that that's over let's begin with today. oh wait but first introductions, I'm not gonna tell you my name but just go with "hitsugi" (it means ghost, you will know why later if I decide to tell you). I'm a guy by the way, all you other guys dont think I'm a girl lmao.

alright now that introductions are over I guess you wanna know where this is gonna go. and honestly I dont know. I really dont know. this is mostly gonna be like my thoughts put into one place, or if I end up having something I really wanna say I will put it here. if this doesn't go well then i dont know. I hope this can go somewhere someday but honestly I will never know. a lot of talented people are also writing novels and here I am writing nonsense, and here you are reading this nonsense.

isn't that wonderful?

I feel like if someone says they are doing 'nothing' they are technically doing 'something'. like if you 'decide' to do nothing that day technically your doing 'something' because you 'decided'. getting confused? I will try to explain in a weirder way : it's like as if you are constipated you feel like something is going to come out but nothing does. lol I feel disgusted after rereading that.

uh I really dont know what to do or what to say. oh yeah that's right this isn't my first time on this app if your wondering. I forgot what email I used on my other account because it's like 3 years old. I also wrote a novel on that account, 2 chapters. a introduction and 1 chapter after. I did have plans of continuing it like today but I got a new phone recently and lost all emails I used to have. you guys can try to find it if you guys want, no hints.

new start I guess?

finished 1:40am - hitsugi

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