1 chapter 1

i am jennet and very kind hearted whereby only music could understand me better.I was all alone in a lonely world,with only my mom's shoulder to lean and cry on.in my teen years time when i turned 17,I kept all things to myself and never had a crush on anyone until the day I changed school.....

First day of school was weird because I was still new and was used to my old schoolmates and teachers.Break time came,I was all alone as usual and felt like going home because the day was so hectic and terrifying. Well second day of school came and I met my economics teacher whereby she was new to me and she introduced me to a quiet,tall,bit light skinned,cute,handsome guy with a red school bag,so whilst my teacher was talking I lost my concentration which has never happened to me before.

"Am I in love?!" my thoughts battled against each other, "no,I can't be,I have been alone and it can't be".

That same day when I got home,I totally forgot that I saw such a boy,I was exhausted and the day was very hot then I decided to take a nap. It's Saturday,shuuu!!,I had to go and see how my friend is doing.

(phone rings)oh it's Ashanty,

"hello..",I answered.

"yes girlfriend are you still coming?"she asked.

I answered "oh yeah why wouldnt I" then she said she will be waiting for me.

I arrived at her house "hey Ashanty" I said in excitement.

"hey jennet,I missed you" she said in a sad tone.

-"I missed you too best friend"

"Ohhh where are my manners,come in and let's have a drink"

I went in and we started talking about many school things and she ended up asking me about the tall,cute,handsome guy by that time I had forgotten how he looked like then she said "do you know Jack the one who's tall and walks with a red bag" and I quickly said "oh yes,yes,yes I do know him".

"he wants your number." she said with a smiley face.

and I said "seriously??but I haven't talked to him since we started school"

and she said "Nah it's ok both of you will get used to each other,just take his number and I gave him yours".

Oh my Gosh!!!I was filled with so much excitement but then she said "arg he has got pride but you will manage and enjoy talking to him"

"okay I guess so",I said.

I went back home and started chatting with Jack and to my surprise our first chat was very fantastic,funny and a bit naughtier.

Three weeks later I realised that I was in love with him but I didnt want to show my feelings to him.

he loved me too and he didn't want to show it but I could read it through his eyes and actions.

Before the third week we knew each other ended.......