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My System & My Academy of Superpowers


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Because of a deadly disease, the world has undergone a duration of evolution. Eighty percent of human beings have gained a superpower or 'Trait' of their own, mythological beings were no exception to this. Royal families, the Trait masters, and the Underworld. They are on the verge of wreaking a war, times are desperate than ever, for the sake of ending Underworld before a war wreaks everything the Master Organizations are training students to master their own Traits. Ryan was attacked by dangerous Mafias from the Underworld, the very same night he lost his parents in an accident. After becoming an orphan overnight he acquired an inheritance package which contained a Ring and a card which stated: "Master this Power." The Ring allows Ryan to manipulate blood but he must offer his blood as a sacrifice every time to utilize this power. A huge battle broke out when Ryan's Academy was attacked by the Underworld leading to the loss of many students' and Masters' lives. His System rewinds Ryan's death to prevent their carnage. The school soon takes a decision of shifting their students to another Academy in Japan. Ryan's life takes a sudden change, he meets vampires, werewolves, demons, angels, zombies, and ghouls. Leave the underworld, there's a war about to break between the families of these mythological creatures. Ryan decided to change his sides. No mythical being, no beasts, no monsters, no race from the other world will be able to stop Ryan on his road to become the strongest, the most popular, the most badass man ever. . Whenever you start reading a book, it becomes your responsibility to finish reading the book. But, the book is equally responsible to hold our attention. So, at any point, you think that the book is unable to hold your attention anymore, drop it. Seriously, drop it. Maybe come back later to read the book. Probably the time is not good to read the novel. Or maybe your mind frame does not want to or is unable to absorb the book's content. Whatever the reason may be, drop the book. At some point in your life, you may come back to read the book, but for now, stop reading this book. --Writer, AJPaturde, 1st October 2021. . . Additional tags (Cause WebNovel doesn't allow more than ten tags): #Transmigration #Academy #Adventure # mystery #bloodpumping #silceoflife #thriller #anime #scary #lightnovel An entry for Web Novel Spirity Awards 2021 (WSA 2021) In the Theme #Superpowers. The idea is taken from the first and fourth idea points off the #Superpowers theme. https://activity.webnovel.com/noah/20210331?nestedTab= . . My media handle is in my profile. Discord for My Ring System: https://discord.gg/rvvnYXqH6d If you wish to support me, visit my Patreon: Patreon.com/AJPaturde Happy reading!!