182 What Happened?

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While the othe party was still in fear, he stretched out his hand and gripped Xue Miqi's jaw without mercy. The pain was so great that she teared up.

The part that was pinched was the part where she had been injected the previous week.

"Speak, who were you calling a wh*re?"

Xue Miqi tried to break out of Leng Qirui's grasp. Being held painfully like this was rendering her unable to talk!

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Upon seeing that Xue Miqi could not stand it any longer and that her whole body was trembling, although Zhong Qianqian was afraid, she did not want to give up this opportunity to reaffirm her presence.

"Young Master Leng, Miqi didn't do it on purpose. She had a little conflict with Nuannuan before this, so she was unhappy and said what she shouldn't have said. Can you ignore whatever Miqi just said for my sake?"

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