1 I am just using him...

It was pleasant evening. Everyone were preparing for the marriage which was soon to be held. There was chaos everywhere in the garden.

In bride's room:

Elsa was sitting in front of the mirror and one of the girls surrounding her was holding on her shoulder gently.

"Oh beauty! I am sure our soon to be brother-in-law will be flat by only seeing you"

The girl around giggles while Elsa blushed.

"Oh shut up, who's troubling my daughter? "

It was Elsa's Mom. She was a young lady maybe in her 40s.As she was married a bit early and was able to raise her daughter properly who is 24 now. She is quite young for being married but she choose so.

"Aunt, we are just teasing, who knows maybe her husband will trouble her"

"Shut up, naughty little girl, your time will also come. "

Elsa speaked blushingly. When she finished, her mother handed her a glass of yellow milk and left.

"Mom why are you giving -----"

Before she could finish, her mom was no where to be seen.

To Elsa's curiosity, a girl standing behind her tell.

"You will need energy today"

She furrowed at the statement

"Finish it and come"

Everyone left the room. Elsa hurriedly closed the door and went near the window. A guy who can be said handsome was wearing everything in black. He opened hismask covering his face.

"Listen, seems like there is danger.

He handed a gun to Elsa.

" Be careful, as per you I have given the groom the safety jacket without his knowing it. it's attached to his sherwani*.But what about you? Wear this. "

he hold out his hands with a jacket which was merely rejected by Elsa.

"Listen, if I would wear this, it will be revealed as I am wearing a lahanga*.understood"

The guy nodded in understanding.

"why are you making the groom wear the jacket? "

"Listen to me Jack, how can I lost such an essential person. "

"Don't tell me you are in love with him? "

Jack mocked which make Elsa to laugh.

"You better know I am just using him. Alright?"

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