My Sunshine: Glad to find youMy Sunshine: Glad to find you

My Sunshine: Glad to find you

by Harshi_

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They were meant to be together. They met each other at a time when they were not sober. ______________ The 25 year old Jessica's life was a messy, a messy past, no self confidence and no hope for a happily ever after life. It was all a dream which she had long left behind her. She came back to her home city after years of running away from all the problem to face all of them head strong, but was not sure how long she would be able to take it. But fate had something else ready for her, for her to meet her "arranged" fiance who loves to tease her.... He becomes her strength, her support, her everything, and makes her dream, which she thought could never come true possible. This is the story of Arranged Love Marriage. _________________ If you love the theme please like and show some support I am a newbie and learning how to write as this is my first original work. Forgive me if there is any mistake. Hope you guys love this story. -Harshi

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