15 World Level Upgrade!

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In Sky City, Jerry sat high on his throne.

"I wonder how Athena and Heracles are doing now. Although they are gods, 10,000 against 30,000 is still a little difficult."

Jerry was a little anxious. He could not see everything on the battlefield, so he was a little flustered.

"Don't worry, Jerry. You must believe in their strength."

"Athena is the goddess of war. Even if her divine power is weakened, she can still suppress mortals!"

"And Hercules is a hero on the battlefield. He couldn't be defeated by twelve trials, let alone this small war!"

Thinking of this, Jerry began to calm down.

[ Congratulations, Master, for conquering a small city. You have received a summoning opportunity! ]

A voice sounded in his mind, and Jerry's eyes immediately flashed with excitement.

"Has it started?"

Jerry muttered to himself, and sure enough, the voice couldn't stop after that.

[ Congratulations, Master, for conquering a small city. You have received a summoning opportunity! ]

[ Congratulations, Master, for conquering a small city and receiving a call opportunity! ]

[ Congratulations, Master, for conquering a small city and receiving a call opportunity! ]

Hearing the announcements in his head, Jerry knew the results were out.

The next morning, just as the sun was rising, the last announcement was heard.

[ Congratulations, Master, on conquering a medium-sized city. You have received a summoning opportunity! ]

Peace City, which had lasted till the end, was unable to stop Jerry's army and was taken down.

Just like that, the entire North Liang, a million square kilometers of land, belonged to Jerry!

A million square kilometers of land which was a total of more than twenty cities.

Jerry's five cities and the nine cities which had belonged to Peace City and River City made a total of fourteen!

It was enough for him to establish a kingdom. Apart from that, there were also some small cities, adding up to a total of twenty-one cities.

It was these twenty-one cities that occupied the entire million square kilometers of land of North Liang!

And North Liang only occupied one-tenth of the land of Qingzhou. From this, one could see how big the land of Qingzhou was!

North Liang was located in the north, the most remote and poorest place in Qingzhou.

The total population was around five million.

It was said that in the prosperous south of Qingzhou, the total population exceeded thirty million!

However, it did not matter. The more prosperous a place was, the more complicated it was. There were many kingdoms in the south.

As for North Liang, due to its desolation, it did not even have a kingdom.

After obtaining the entire North Liang, Jerry could develop in peae.

With 5 million population, he could have 500,000 soldiers!

With a 500,000 strong army, if they were all elites, he could sweep across all kingdoms without fear!

"My lord, the lords of the small cities in North Liang have brought their seals to surrender!".

At this moment, Metis walked in and bowed.

Jerry nodded. Everything was going as he had planned. The establishment of a kingdom was already set in stone.

The people in these small cities were not stupid. If they tried to resist, they would be destroyed.

After all, Jerry broke the deadlock and set up a kingdom in North Liang, which had not had a kingdom for hundreds of years.

If they resisted, they would only end up being destroyed.

They might as well surrender. This way, they could maintain their previous glory and wealth.

"Metis, I'll leave this to you."

Metis bowed.

Then, she raised her head and looked at Jerry with fiery and excited eyes.

"Then, my lord, it's time to announce to the world that the kingdom has been established!"

Jerry nodded, feeling a little excited.

When he had obtained the twelfth city, there was a voice telling him that it was time.

It seemed that the Empire Era was urging him to establish a kingdom.

Now that everything was settled, Jerry felt that it was time.

He walked out of the city lord's manor and onto the city wall. He looked up at the sky and suddenly shouted.

"I, Jerry of Sky City, shall establish a kingdom in North Liang!"

"From today onwards, the kingdom shall be known as the Sky Dynasty!

"I, Jerry, am the first Sky Emperor of the Sky Dynasty, with the sky as my witness!"

Jerry's voice resounded across the sky.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A strange scene appeared as lightning flashed across the sky. The divine dragons and phoenixes seemed to appear in the sky as if they were dancing to celebrate the birth of the kingdom!

Jerry was also shocked by the scene. It was only the establishment of a kingdom? Why was there such a grand scene?

However, at this moment, a loud voice suddenly resounded throughout the Empire Era. Only the landers from Earth could hear it!

[ Congratulations! The Empire Era's 10th kingdom, the Sky Dynasty, has been established. Congratulations to all the people who have landed on the continent for completing the Hidden World Mission! ]

[ Empire Era is upgraded to World Level 1! The founders of the 10 kingdoms will receive the country protection reward. ]

[ World Level One: Upgraded from the era of cold weapons to a low-martial era! ]

[ Low martial era has excellent martial arts civilization; the powerful warriors can break the stone with hands and walk on the water, and one warrior can defeat an army of ten thousand soldiers!]

[ At the same time, after the world level is upgrade to a level 1, the Empire Era has officially begun, and all the landers will be able to bring to the real world all the things they have gained in the Empire Era except for life, including their own strength! ]

All the people from Earth were shocked.

They were stunned at first, and then quickly logged out of the Empire Era!

The news exploded on the internet!

"F*ck! The Empire Era has begun!"

"World Level 1, low martial era. Everyone's combat power will be greatly increased!"

"Everything gained within the Empire Era can be brought to Earth? Although life isn't included, this is still amazing!"

"Hiss, I'm a city lord, right? If I bring back all the gold, silver, and treasures, wouldn't I become a rich guy in a matter of minutes?"

Many people were shocked, and even more were regretful. Before this, they had treated the Empire Era as a game, so they got eliminated prematurely and withdrew from the Empire Era.

In truth, it was all because humans did not treasure the Empire Era enough. It had been a hundred years, yet only ten kingdoms were established in the Empire Era and the hidden mission was completed.

At the same time, on a continent within the Empire Era.

A valiant-looking woman wearing armor slowly raised her head and looked at the sky.

"Sky Dynasty? They actually stole the title of my tenth kingdom? Who are they?"

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