13 The Hidden Missions and World Levels of the Empire Era

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At the same time, in the highest level meeting room of the United States and all the other countries around the world.

"It's been a hundred years! Today we finally found out the truth about the Empire Era."

An old man sighed.

"There's nothing we can do about it. Who would have thought that the message would come only after nine dynasties appeared!

"If we had known earlier, we would have worked harder to expand our cities. It wouldn't have taken a hundred years for nine dynasties to be born."

Another old man said.

Everyone nodded. When the Empire Era first appeared, the people on Earth had thought that it was a super opportunity or an immortal world that had existed only in legends. 

However, as time passed, they discovered that there were nothing new in Empire Era. They could experience another life in that new world, but that was all.

"I didn't know that the Empire Era was actually divided into levels!

"The current era of the Empire is actually only at World Level Zero! Only after the landers establish ten kingdoms will the Empire Era evolve to World Level One!"

An old man said in shock.

That's right, this was the news they had just received.

The ninth lander in the world had successfully established a kingdom!

Currently, there were nine kingdoms in the Empire Era!

It was also at this moment that the hidden mission was triggered! It could be called a world mission!

The first world mission that did not have any hints was that the landers must establish ten kingdoms in the Empire Era before it evolved to the next world level!

According to the founders of those kingdoms, the current world level was only zero. It did not even have a level.

However, if there were ten kingdoms existing at the same time, they would complete the hidden mission and enter the World Level 1!

At that time, the Empire Era would witness a huge change!

Although it was not stated explicitly, this hint gave a shock to all the countries on Earth.

Because when it reached the World Level 1, the military fore of the Empire Era would increase greatly!

Simply put, the world level was linked to the level of its military force!

At this time, the Empire Era was at World Level Zero. After it evolved to Level 1, its military force would surge to an unimaginable level.

According to estimates, the military force would reach the level described in wuxia novels or fantasy movies.

Walking on walls and using leaves and flowers as weapons to kill people would become reality!

Other than Level 1, there were also Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4!

The most important thing was that after the Empire Era was upgraded, the supernatural military force obtained in it could be brought into the real world!

This was why all the countries in the world started to open various ancient courses and even forced the students to study them.

This was because they knew that they were about to face a huge change.

Currently, there were already nine kingdoms. It was also at this time that the Empire Era gave a mission hint.

Hence, the countries all over the Earth would start working hard to push for the birth of the tenth kingdom.

So the Empire Era would successfully evolve to World Level 1!

When that time came, the world would undergo a huge change! And this was still kept secret.

Other than the owners of the nine dynasties and the few top officials in the countries, no one knew about this.

However, it did not matter. When the world level rose, it would definitely be known all over the world!

Jerry did not know it since only the people of the nine kingdoms got the hint.

Jerry had a feeling that the top officials in the United States and other countries knew something that he didn't.

But if they didn't say anything, Jerry couldn't guess what had happened.


But this something was definitely related to the Empire Era. The realization made Jerry even more anxious.

It seemed like a big change was about to happen. Before that, it was important to grow stronger.

Jerry was a citizen of City G, and the university was in City G.

Therefore, after the registration ended, he did not stay in the university but went back home.

Then, he entered the Empire Era immediately.

Sensing the huge change in the air, Jerry began to work heard. Every day, he would return to the university to attend classes and then deal with various administration affairs in the Empire Era!

Time passed very quickly, especially when he was busy.

Currently, Jerry had already stabilized the territory of Skyfire City.

At the same time, he had also put all the surrendered soldiers of Skyfire City into his army and recruited new soldiers in all his cities.

Another person might be worried about the new cities' loyalty to him, not to mention training the army.

However, Jerry did not need to worry about those things, because he had fused the heroic souls of the Byzantine cavalry with his soldiers!

He skipped a year and a half of training after obtaining the powerful Byzantine cavalry.

Besides, he also had their absolute loyalty. Only he had such a great advantage in the entire Empire Era.

"My lord, with 50,000 Byzantine cavalry, 3,000 ancient Greek phalanx infantrymen, our strength has already reached an unimaginable level.

"I believes it is time for our entire army to set out.

"I am ready to attack more cities and bring more glory to you, my Lord!" Athena said excitedly. It felt good that she could have an elite army without spending a long time to train it.

In the past, waging wars was a torturing thing. It usually took at least one year to get prepared.

Even though she was an immortal, she couldn't skip this part.

In fact, as a goddess of war, she had rarely fought wars.

The reason was that the preparation time for wars was too long!

Athena had a lot of things to do, so she did not have time to waste on the preparation.

Therefore, Athena actually had not enjoyed waging a war.

And this was only in the case of small-scale wars.

If it was a war between two countries, they would prepare for the war from the time of the previous king and the war wouldn't happen until the new king ascended the throne! 

Not to mention in the mythical world, even on Earth, where Jerry came from, there were many such examples!

And once a war was launched, it would consume a lot of national power.

If they won, it would be fine. But if they lost, the country would sink.

Such examples were not rare.

So waging a war was not an easy thing.

But Jerry was different. His army was ready without any preparation work!

As long as he was lucky, he could summon all kings of good stuff!

He could get gods, legendary armies and all kinds of organizations!

They were all good things that could greatly increase Jerry's strength!

With the Eternal Roster in his hand, Jerry was unstoppable in this world!

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