1 Life in rural Finland 1995

-Suomi 1976, Järi was born

-Loading year 1995 (Skipping to 1995)

The Finnish man named Järi M. Pentikäinen has spawned in the kitchen.

Starting in the kitchen, with a case of beer and a pack of sausages. As Järi looks at the refrigerator note and it say:

"Fix your dad's car, don't be too lazy or I will scrap that car! Don't drink too much beer! Here's 3000mk for you, that is enough to get you survive. Fix the Datsun, we will get back soon from Tenerife. Yours, Mom and Dad"

As Järi quickly get to work, he then realized that he needed supplies because it ain't enough for a case of beer and a pack of sausage.

He then rushed in the van, and drove away from the house, and saw a Vaccum Truck in front of his little log chopping barn, and from the barn, there's a tractor and a flatbed to tow firewood with.

Järi then safely got to the shop and entered, then greets a welcoming message by Tiemo.

Tiemo: Katos päivee, no mittäpaä laiteteaa? (Good day, what are you having?)

Järi grabs 5 cases of beer, all 12 packs of sausages and milk.

Then Tiemo chats randomy: Terrifying how the price of gasoline just keeps rising. I remember in the late 80s when many people stopped driving their cars as the price rose to over three markkaa, and now it might be over five markkaa. I wonder how you manage to drive around in that car of yours considering how expensive fuel is?

Järi: Well, that's little bit of a problem, but I will still continue building my Datsun considering fuel prices are high.


[ Remaining Markkaa = 2312 mk ]

[ Urine = 19% ]

[ Hunger = 3% ]

[ Thirst = 24% ]

[ Fatigue = 9% ]

[ Stress = 4% ]

[ Dirtiness = 10% ]

(Leaves shop) Tiemo: Kiitoksia ja tervetulloo uuelleen!

Järi is now home and safe, he then rushed to the garage and start working on building the engine.

The steps as follows:

Crankshaft to Block

Crankshaft Main Bearings


Head Gasket to Block

Cylinder Head

Rocker Shaft


Camshaft Gear

Timing Chain

Timing Cover

Water pump





Fan Belt

Engine Plate





Clutch Disk to Clutch Cover Plate

Clutch Pressure Plate to Clutch Disk

Clutch Assembly

Oil Pan

Oil drain plug


Drive gear

Motor Hoist to Block

Adjust Valves

Rocker Cover

Fuel Pump

Air Filter

Järi: [Realizes] Holy shit that's alot of parts. Why did my dad made me do this?

To be continued...

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