1 A Nightmare Yet to Come!

"Dear Diary,

This summer was extra hot and extra busy with many schedules and meetings, but at the end somehow I manage to get my last few days of summer with Mama, Papa and my brother. it was good to be with family and spend time with them ,After graduating from college and getting job, days have become so busy for me but they too taught me how the time I spend with my family, its memories are important .

Diary I was thinking that I should take some days off from work and should plan a family trip, Ryan would be graduating from High School this year so it would be good to have fun with the family.

Mama Told me in the morning that I should now get a new job here in my hometown so that she could spend more time with me.

The company I work is in another city and it took me 3 hours of driving to reach home but what can be done I needed that job that time Papa was hospitalised for his Heart surgery and mama was busy taking care for him till then someone has to work to help out the family, so I did. I signed the contract with the company for 2 years.

Only 4 months are left for its expiry, once the contract ended diary I would end my contract and would come back to my family, my home.

After all, that's what papa has always taught us no matter where you are what you do family comes first.

He is a right family is what matters; they are the one who always is by your side through thick and thin.

Today's day was happy for...me….."....

Oh? It's 11 already I should go to bed or mama is going to come up and say- Maira, it is too late just go sleep you can finish your work tomorrow.

Knock on the door"-Maira it too late just go sleep you can finish your work tomorrow" Mama said.

Yeah, Mama just going, Said Maira.

Maira went to bed and had a peaceful sleep that she craved for when she is in another city living alone. Maira loves her family and she really must. She got wonderful parents and a little brother. Her parents always supported her in her every decision.

A new Morning a New day, Maira Woke up early and went for a jog with her dad. Maira loves to go jogging with her Dad, they share views, many secrets and talk while jogging, And these small moments has made their bond stronger.

Maira and her Dad came back after a jog and. after Taking bath Mama called for breakfast every joined the table.

Hey! Apricot Mama made your Favourite Omelette Said Maira to her Brother. What? No Mama I hate Omelette why you always do this me? If she likes it then it does not mean everybody has to eat omelette Said Ryan. Ryan and Maira Share a Great bond as sister and brother. Maira always had supported her brother even when he got in fight with some ridiculous idiots at school and he was asked to call his guardian, Maira Manages to take care of it for Ryan, and later she told Dad about it. Ryan Knows her sister always wants the best for him. And Maira Knows how much his little apricot cares about her.

The whole day was a lot of fun I, Dad and Ryan went to fishing together, Ryan Hates it but he always comes I case if we catch some fishes he would love to eat them.

At night everybody had dinner Mama made Maira's Favourite Dishes. While Having Dinner

Dad asked Maira "Hey! How is Peter? Didn't get to talk to him lately Maira. Yeah! How everything with him is asked, Mama. Hmm. Everything is fine Dad, Mama, and Said Maira.

Maira and Peter had been in a relationship for almost two years now. They first met at their workplace Peter liked Maira and asked her out .since then they have been together. Maira loves him. She introduced him to her parents on her birthday last year. They were pleased to meet him.

After Having Dinner everybody watches TV for a while and then went to their rooms.

But Maira's Dad Mr Denver asked Maira to talk for a while. They both sat down. You Love Him Right? My little Pumpkin, Asked Mr.Denver. Dad!! Exclaimed Maira. No Please Tell Me to do you Love him? You had been together for three years now, said Mr Denver. Yeah, Dad. He is a good man, He is good, He loves me, care for me, Said Maira with a Smile. Then you both should get Married soon said Mr.Denver. Oh? What? Dad? Seriously we have a lot of time dad, I had just started my career and he is too focused on his career there is time for this dad.

You would be 25 next year darling and I think this the perfect age for getting married, I and Your Mother too got married at 27, and we getting old, I want to walk you down the aisle, Said Mr.Denver.

Sure, Dad, You would Don't Worry, But we Still Have So much time that I Want to spend with you, Mama and Ryan. I am in No hurry for marriage, Said Maira laughingly.

Then both of them went to their rooms and want to bed.

Maira Had a lovely Family, A loving Father, a Caring Mother, and a brother. But Nothings remains the same, everything has a time limit and after that time passes many things change. what a new day, a new morning or a Nightmare awaits for Maira and her family.

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