My Sloth Cultivator System Book

novel - Fantasy

My Sloth Cultivator System


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I hate cultivators. I am the son of one of the most prominent cultivators, but I will never try a cultivation technique, I will never use any body refining techniques, and I will never pick up a sword. Or so I thought. But somehow, against my will, I ended up in a labyrinth. To survive in the cave and achieve my perfect, slothful lifestyle… I fought. And I lost. Being the most diligent I have been in my life; I didn’t give up. To become truly slothful, I must be diligent only at one point. As if to reward my diligence and iron will. It showed up… [Sloth Cultivator System: Unlocked.] (Cover doesn't belong to me if the owner wants me to take it off lmk)


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