1 Prolouge

Reika Ito, a promising Speech Language Pathology (SPL) therapist. (An SPL therapist works in a rehab center and gives specific treatment for the patients, who lose the ability to speak after an upsetting incident). She's too innocent, naive and pure for this world. In other words "an angel".

Her past haunts her, yet she is determined to move forward. But, life never goes the way one wants. She gives her everything to correct her mistakes, yet, she sees her present crumbling in unfortunate ways. Blood soaked, lying on the cold, freezing ground; she breaths her last....

That's purely what others think. But no, not for someone like Reika.

"You really think a naive chick like that can survive with a venomous snake, a bitching step-mom and an indifferent idiot father?"

That's what Reika's "innocent" means.


Reika Hanabusa, a promising (b*tch) lady of the Hanabusa house. A candidate for the crown princess. Despite her villianess acts; all she ever tastes, are the sweet flavors of victory. Life goes just the way she wants, until her sister makes her appearance. The one to steal her spotlight, the only one who stands in her way to be the next empress....

And that's when Reika Ito, makes her appearance. And now starts the new war of Crown princess. In that war, Reika comes in face with "The mute prince". And buds bloom into flowers.....

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